Tuesday, April 09, 2002

DJ's Needed!

I guess the only people that are gonna see this, in the begining anyway, are those who've been bitchin @ KOS. My posts are getting a little too lengthy so I got my own blog to bitch on. I used to think this thing was a bit self indulgent or exhibitionist... I guess that makes me an exhibitionist too? Blogs can be used for good and evil, so I'll try to be constructive... for now.

WZRD 88.3FM Chicago NEEDS DJ'S! Quite badly I might add. Only requirement to be a dj - be a student @ Northeastern Illinois University. You only need one class to maintain stuudent status, and NEIU is cheap - a three credit course is $368 (or at least that was my bill last semester). I know that's not chump change for a struggling musician or starving artist, but the learning experience is worth it. You can always figure out a way to parlay the radio gig into something that may be beneficial to your musical career too.

If you're thinking our reception sucks right now, you would be right! Normally we have almost as much range as WLUW but since our optimod is "sick" (important radio thingamajig) our signal is very weak. It will be fixed real soon (or so they tell me) so our output will once again be able to reach over 2 million listeners. Only about a couple hundred are listening at any one time though, maybe thousand on a good day. It's college radio - what do you expect? I can get the signal in my car in Wheeling on some days, and it's quite easy to get good reception almost anywhere on the Northside of Chicago and the really close suburbs (Evanston, Niles, Skokie, etc.) as long as you put the antennea of your shitty little boom box to a window nearby (thats what I do in Logan Square, comes in quite nicely).

Last time I checked every shift was open Mon - Fri from about 2am to 12pm, and I think Mondays are open from 2am till 6pm (or even 8pm, I'm doing double duty right now). Last I heard 12-4pm on Sat was open. I think we have some primetime / late night available, you just have to check with the programming director. I know most people work 9-5 jobs, so these shifts may be difficult, but someone (Toilet?) said they worked as a waiter. This might be perfect for you, as well as anyone else who doesn't work typical hours. 26,000 albums and you can play whatever you want! Registration @ NEIU will be over soon, new semester starts sometime in May, so you may want to get on that if your interested. Email palmerhaas@yahoo.com if you are curious...... By the way if you see this and don't understand what free form radio or want to be a commercial radio disk jockey in training this is probably not for you.

Even if you don't want a shift I'm always interested in suckering people to show up to my shift (6-8pm on Monday, 12-3:30 every other Sunday). Your opportunity for shameless self promotion! Who wouldn't want that?


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