Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Do you think your average Republican even believes in global warming? Or that it has anything to do with the wasteful SUV our great nation feels it needs to drive? Generally speaking I'm not refering to the average GOP Rep. in some North Shore suburbs or some other affluent area like that. I mean really, do you think Pres. Bush thinks that greenhouse emmissions and the global warming trend is something dreamed up by a bunch of tree hugging hippies, or that it is most probably because of our infinite appetite for carbon emmiting fossil fuels? Apparently Shrub wants to fire Dr. Watson because he's not telling the administration what they want to hear (/www.salon.com/tech/feature/2002/04/05/global_warming/). Don't like what someone is telling you, then fire them and get somebody else that will.

This is part of a larger trend though, and I've been seeing it more and more in so many different areas of life; from the Middle East conflict, Social Security, domestic policy and our foreign policy. People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, believe what they want to believe and block almost everything else out. I'll come back to this later, it's just a nugget to chew on for now.

I remember reading in some newspaper some time back, the newspaper interviewed someone in the Christian Coalition who had said something to the effect that "once all the tress are cut down that Jesus will come back and renew everything!" Do you think that's what our President believes? I'd really like to know. I mean I'd go along with it, but only if you can get Jesus to make a special cameo appearance before the second coming. He'd have to show up on the White House Lawn to show his support for Shrub in the signing ceremony of the "Fuck the Environment - Complete and Total Consumption of all Natural Resources for our God Blessed Economy" Act of 2003. That Christian Coalition quote is almost as good as the one I heard made about aliens a few years back. Some churchgoer had asked their pastor or priest about Jesus and his relationship with aliens, and his response was "Well, if there is intelligent life not of this planet, then we have to assume, based on the New Testament, that Jesus died for their sins too......" Did you hear that America! Jesus died for the sins of ALIENS TOO! I digress.

Once again in Chicago we have gone directly from Winter to Summer, with record highs in the 80's in April. It was snowing two weeks ago. Two weeks...... It'll probably get cool again, but we dont even have winter in Chicago anymore. I didn't grow up here, but many have told me how bitter previous winters have been, and quite honestly the last 5+ winters have been relatively easy. Well, at least when the polar ice caps melt and cover 90% of the exposed land there is, we can look back and say "Our economy was great 1999! I owned a huge gas guzzling car so eveyone on the block knew I could afford it (or had the credit anyway)! It was worth it!" This is assuming you can afford a boat to live on when the caps melt submerging every city except maybe Denver.....

Actually if you think about it this might be part of the strategy for the GOP. Most cities and urban areas tend to lean Democratic, the majority of of the more liberal cities are on the coasts (NYC, San Fran, Boston, Seattle, etc.) Automation will replace the need for cheap labor. Those poor bastards would just be living off the fat of the land, sucking up social services, so let 'em drown! Hey, it's just a theory.....


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