Wednesday, April 10, 2002

FYI - couple of great articles in most recent GQ about (the one with Katie Holmes half naked on the cover);

1)The State of the Music Industry - can't remember the exact name of the article, but it had to do with the fallout of the great promise that the web had initially for the music community. It's actually pretty insightful, and it also reiterates what a boob Courtney Love is (as if we needed reminding).

2)Attn. Gen. Ashcroft - GQ mentions how the whole right wing idealoge that the tow the line liberal establishment has portrayed him as, while somewhat accurate, being played up or hammed up to make Ashcroft the punching bag to keep Dubya clean. I can't say my opninion has drastically changed about him, but it was insightful and eye opening - the article gets supporting evidence from none other than Liberal Extraordinaire Democrat Senator Feingold that the Patriot Act was more the Bush Administration's idea. Apparently Ashcroft reached out to Sen Feingold to discuss modifiying the Patriot Act to keep it from completely trampling on the Bill Rights, but Bush/Chenney called it off. Ashcroft took the blame for being the anti-civil liberties guy, making Shrub look like the "moderate" and making the AG look like the bad guy (even if Bush signed it). Its the old good cop, bad cop routine. No one should be surprised at this, but it does open your eyes to the political strategy the current administration is using in order to achieve it's goals.

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