Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I wanna give a shout out to a blogger - Suburban Limbo . He probably does not need any additional press, as he has been featured in Blogs of Note on Blogger, but the increased traffic should not exceed an extra three people.....

Why should you read Suburban Limbo?

-Rich interviewed Winger - among other bands - while doing their laundry of all things! He used to write for Guitar World, scroll down to see his nostoglic moment.

-He's got a good sense of wit

-He's a bleeding heart liberal (at least I think)

-In 10-15 years YOU might turn out to be just like him . He used to be in a band ( Played with Chicago Sun Times Jim DeRogatis, scroll down on his site) wrote for a cool mag (mentioned before) and is a overall nice guy. Now he's married, has children and like the title says, he lives in the burbs... un a certain "Wang shaped" state (I'm sorry).

Go there to see what you might be like in 15 years.... All two of you that somehow wind up here from Knife Of Simpson.


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