Friday, April 12, 2002


I'm not a paranoid person but I decided in this age of identity theft and hackers that it might not be a bad idea to take steps to be a little more private. It's just that I thought I was really gonna stir the pot, be political and cause some controversy. So far my posts are tepid and music related, but that should change in good time.

So anyway, in the interest of privacy, I created a pseudonym (in continuation of the KOS thing, check out my favorite local cock rockers at ) got an email account with the same name to prevent someone tracing my email back or something like that, etc. Let's just say that being paranoid and lazy are not compatable. I've alread goofed by emailing thru my regular email to a couple of people etc. This is not to say that I fear any of those who I've written, just that I'm finding this kinda thing to be a real hassle. And now I have something like 4-5 bloody email accounts, which I must check periodically just in case someone wants to write me. All because I was striken by paranoia for a short while.

FYI - I will post music reviews here but only the really good stuff that I get excited about. I helped start a new project thru WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM. We've decided to start reviewing albums on line for all to see. The website is as follows;
The reviews will be a bit haphazard. The site has three purposes (1) to get WZRD members to be aware of what other DJ's know about what is lurking in our backcatalog, some 26000+ albums currently (2) to let the public out there know what's up in the music that we have been getting etc. (3) to give indie bands some press they can quote, or to see what we thought of their album. There won't be any order, just whenever someone feels like it they can review an older album or review something we got in the mail recently. If you see CD, LP or a number, just know that's for the DJ's and the catalog at the station. The reviews will be somewhat brief, somewhat descriptive, not too judgemental unless we're generally positive, and (hopefully) not pretentious ala Spin/Rolling Stone. I've never been the same since I saw a review of a Danzig album in Spin. The reviewer took a swipe at the Misfits, said Green Day was better, and oh yeah, HARDLY EVEN MENTIONED WHAT THE NEW DANZIG ALBUM SOUNDED LIKE! I hope that fucker is writing obituaries in some free weekly newspaper in backwoods of Arkansas or something.

I gotta admit this blogger thing is amazing. We've been talking about this for over a year with no movement. 10 minutes on Blogger and I got it up already. College dj's are lazy....


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