Thursday, April 11, 2002

The third sign of the apocolypse has manifested itself - Ozzy's been invited to the White House....

I just gotta say King Buzzo of the Melvins deserves to be knighted, or cannonized by the Catholic Church, or something equally as prestigeous. Hostile Ambient Takeover is amazing! It comes out this coming Tuesday. Very heavy and yet still experimental and just outright weird at times. The Melvins have to be one of the most prolific and consistently great bands this side of Guided By Voices. They put out more albums in two years than Boston has put out in their entire career! It seems like hardly anyone is paying attention to them cause they're old, and yet they just keep on making ass kicking metallic rock thats still challenging for themselves and their listeners. Why other metal bands can take a lesson from these guys is beyond me. The cursed Melvins labor in college radio geek obscurity putting out the best albums of their career in the past few years while bands like Disturbed and such crap out turds that shouldn't even float and yet sell millions. How do the hell do they do it, 18 years after they started the band? Listening to H.A.T. reminds me I also have to buy The Maggot . Only the Melvins would be insane/brilliant enough to kidnap Leif Garret from drug rehab to sing on a recording of Smells Like Teen Spirit (I guess it wasn't kidnapping, they gave him like $100 for it). David Yow and Hank Williams the III, those drunked bastards, both played on (The Maggot) too. Kudos to Mike Patton on yet another brilliant move in picking these guys up for his label Ipecac Records.


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