Monday, May 13, 2002

"AOL is very respected for that relentless give-away CD campaign. Think of it this way, if each of those things cost $1 to make and send out and every 50 generates one customer, AOL probably generates a profit on that customer within 3-6 months. $50 to attract a new customer is cheap, especially when the payout is both a subscription and the advertising value of their eyeballs. They don't have to add any infastructure in for that new customer, they just use what's already there.....I think the reason they've lost $54 billion has more to do with acquisition costs, the decline in advertising post Sept 11, write-off of various assets (a new SEC rule says stock has to be revalued if it's price drops). Many things." - Rich of Subruban Limbo

When I started my tirade it was more speculation, although I was thoroughly convinced that AOL Time Warner had in fact lost nearly a billion in sending out millions of free CD's. If I get four CDs in the course of seven months and all of America is as well, and there are hundreds of free givewaways at Kinkos, it just seemed logical. However all one has to do is check out the article on CNN (the one I linked) to see that I have no idea what I'm talking about or I'm making stuff up. It's funny, because I wanted to broach that subject, but I wanted to do some research before I posted. To keep it simple there sheer amount of total bullshit is so overwhelming you could drown.

Bottom line - make sure you take everything with a grain of salt. The great thing about the net is you can say whatever you want. The worst thing about the net is you can say whatever you want. If the Flat Earth Society can exist and have a website to try to persuade you to their point of view, then people can believe ANYTHING!

Here's a great example - despite every scientific organization on the planet saying that the environment in going to hell in a handbasket, there are groups like the Greening Society . Well that's a nice name isn't it? The must like trees and plants and such, right? At they say that things are not what they seem, that the environment is getting better because of SUV's! It's those liberal tree hugging hippie doomsayers that never bathe and smell like patchoullie, they're the problem!!!
Or our wacky European Neighbors always screaming about something to bitch and moan about when they're just jealous of our economy!
Or those nutbars at The Sierra Club!
Or those Pesky Nerdy Scienists!
Or those annoying whale lovers at Greenpeace!

Forget all those people. The one person you SHOULD be paying attention to is this ONE GUY FROM from Denmark! Listen to him, he knows everything! All those people that have debunked his analysis on extinction or global warming are full of shit! Never mind he has no professional experience in regards to environmental science... Just ask Andrew Sullivan, noted environmentalist! He'll tell you Bjorn knows everything!

My point is anyone can get on the internet and say whatever they want, and that BS can be restated as fact, with little or no consequences save some hate-email from some rankled web surfers. People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, believe what they want to believe.

One thing item of note - Guess who bankrolls the Greening Society? You don't think that Energy Companies with BILLION$ at stake would be biased in their view of the environment?


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