Monday, May 06, 2002

The Coup (subject previously mentioned)

You know I broached the whole coup thing but never went into detail. I'm trying not to be self indulgent but I started it so I might as well finish it.

Our Student Government had a coup... Bloodless, the closest thing we have to a military is the state police that roam the hallways here. Long story short our current president lost the election to a new political party (yeah, we have parties, can you believe that shit?) The current president did it to himself in the fact that he pissed off an extraordinary amount of people in his dicatorship style of running SGA. Well he lost the election and wasn't too happy about it. Get this - he called a meeting three hours before the election was to be ratified, but only told the senators that he had helped get elected. He never told his opponents. Our SGA Pres. found a couple of bogus violations in the election process. He had appointed the election committee, the group that was supposed to be the impartial judgement body, and asked them to vote on it. Big surprise, they found the opposition (the guys that had won) guilty. He disqualified them, and since he came in second he declared himself the winner. It was like something straight outta the Nixon administration with Iran and Chile, or Reagan with the Marcoses in the Phillipines.

Is this how it happens in third world countries? You appoint the "impartial" judges, you call early meetings with only your cronies present to vote on issues, you skirt laws.... I never gave a shit about SGA while I was working on my bachelors, but now this asshole has a direct affect on the budget of the radio station it concerns me. When you stage a coup in a country people usually protest, stand up, but less than a quarter of the students give a shit. That's why the whole thing is so comical, this guy pulled a coup and nobody in the school cares!!!!!

It concerns me even more because we at the radio station are about to impeach the bastard. Some were a bit nervous about this procedure but when he lost the election some station members got ballsy. Then the coup happened. I kept saying to members when I found out about the coup "Tell me I am on my bed high on acid! This is a hallucination, right?" He had numerous violations at the radio station, but he had used the administration of the school to skirt our club rules and played the race card as well (he's African-Haitian) He used the race card in the election process too, this despite the fact that of the four major positions for SGA one was one by an African American and another a Hispanic. The other two are white, but for fuck's sake they're immigrants, they have accents!!!!

It's weird for me because my whole life I've considered myself a very liberal person, and generally empathize with minorities. I've never been accused of being a racist. It's odd because the station plays Public Enemy, King Sunny Ade, Fishbone, Bad Brains etc. We love everything, and we're a huge proponent of diversity and music from all over the world. The station plays Free Speech Radio News and Democracy Now, very liberal and diverse news sources.

I rarely use the word evil but this guy is truly evil. Apparently he's thinking of running for Alderman. That was one of the violations at the station, he used our airwaves to further his stature in the community by promoting his political beliefs and himself, and slandering a potential opponent. It's just so hard to believe.

Last time I heard the Student Supreme Court had deffered to the Adminstration. The chief justice is a DJ at the station and felt that he would compromise himself by ruling. I just pray that the School Adm. hands down a fair ruling. Anything less than negating the overturning of the election will be an insult. I've been told that if he tries to cut our budget the school will intervene. Looks like we are going to proceed with the impeachment.

I don't know what to do right now. I'm not that worried, but I am concerned. I don't pray because I don't believe in it - not as a tool to affect the outside world anyway. Prayer is for yourself, not God ... I'll touch on this later, I'd rather not spout my philosphical beliefs on God in this post. I don't know exactly what to do except voice my opinion to the school Adm. If you have a brilliant idea, email me, I'm listening!


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