Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Do me a favor; please tell me what Steve Forbes Jr's most significant accomplishment is, save being the first to hit the jackpot when he was shot out of his daddy's flesh cannon during his conception?

No really, email me please, at!

I saw him this past sunday (I'm a little behind in my blogging) giving his spiel as to why Elliot Spitzer NYS Attorney General is just a political opportunist looking to parlay his media exposure into good PR for a potential run at office in the future. I have one thing to say - SO FUCKING WHAT!

I've become a real political junkie in the last two years or so, watching the Sunday morning shows on a regular basis (Forbes was in ABC). I believe it was Hunter S. Thompson who said that "Politics can be better than sex." I'm not about to pass up nookie with the girlfriend so I can debate with some diamtetrically opposed idealouge, but I do day dream a lot more about ways to spread good will in the Middle East as opposed to spreading Miss January's -wait a minute, my girlfriend might see this! ( It's just a metaphor honey, I swear!!!!!)

Bottom line is Mr. Forbe's best defense for Mr. Blogget's folly was (I'm paraphrasing here) "Yes, the investment firms were cheerleaders but we all partook in the overly optimistic rallying on Wall Street" Does the word cheerleading now mean when you tell you bosses and associates a stock is a dog, and yet encourage your clients to buy? Thus putting more money in your own pocket from fees, and trying to inflate the hopes of the companies your investment firm has lent money to? Is cheerleading a synonym now for LYING!!!!! Should we change one of the Ten Commandments to "Thou shalt not CHEERLEAD?!?!?!?"

A bunch of investors, from the very rich to your average middle class Joe (that the GOP desperately needs in order to maintain their current white house status), trusted a well paid someone to give them intelligent and unbiased advice where to put their money. This someone (Henry Blogget) knew that one of the stocks he was recommending (specifically Infospace) was terrible, and yet encouraged those clients to invest in the same stocks his investment firm was dealing with (loans, etc.) Those clients lost their tailfeathers. Naturally they are very angry. Even some legislators are recognizing the conflicts of interest in the current environment on Wall Street (not enough to do something about just yet).

So Mr. Steve "My Daddy was rich so therefore I'm qualified to run for President" Forbes Jr. wants to convince Sam Donaldson and America that this serious conflict of interest is no reason for us to get overly excited, for ambitious legislators to try to boost their career by introducing legislation to prevent Americans from losing their retirment fund, their kid's college fund. Would it be so terrible If Elliot Spitzer, political opportunist or not, used this fiasco to further his own career if he nailed a liar and forced better legislation for the SCC? Don't punish the liar, let's just call out the Attorney General for trying to punish the perpetrator. Let us all cry a collective tear for Corporate America and the super rich now, shall we? God forbid there should be laws preventing this from happening again. It might impede on the marketplace! Lying good, government oversight of marketplace bad.....

Everything I'm about to rant about is grossly generalized and presumptious, maybe even a little unfair but I'm saying it anyway - Why is it the part that talks so much about the Moral Decline in this country is so eager to defend lying when it comes to commerce, the market or corporate abuses?

Why is it the GOP loves to talk about responsibility when it's so eager to shuck it off for their contributors? Credit card companies who send me 50 card offers a year won't have to take responsibility for giving cards to bad customers (there's a bill on the table in the Senate to change the bankruptcy laws and the requirements for paying your credit card debt) You the consumer are completely responsible. The CC Companies? They got lobbyists, so they don't count.

Grandmothers get evicted from Public housing should their granddaughter be arrested with drugs. Students now lose federal aid for college if they have record of drug offense. And yet according to Mother Jones we award huge Government contracts to companies that regularly violate federal work safety laws. For them there are no consequences or responsibility. Grandmothers are made responsible for others actions. Big companies who break work safety laws? They don't count, cause they have lobbyists.

You know I could live with the fact if the GOP just fessed up the fact that their whole personal responsibility thing only hold to those who can't contribute to GOP political campaigns. Just tell the truth, that's all I ask!

Whie I lean heavily to the left, I think the biggest problem that plagues our political system is lying and hypocrisy. That goes from Democrats and Republicans. I think their should be a law that no politician, whether elected or just a candidate, or even a CEO, can hold a press conference unless they are doped up with Sodium Pentathol. The President should be required to give the State of the Nation hooked up to a lie detector. We should take the seats normally reserved to our elected officials and give them away to DC toursists, like the Price is Right. Phil Donahue should be running thru the aisles letting random audience members ask questions. What would probably happen is the frat boys in the back would ask stuff like "Dude, did you ever use you seat in office to get some action with two foriegn chicks?" or "How many lines of coke did you do at the annual Phi Kappa Delta Homecoming Party of 1971 at Yale? Legend has it you were swingin from the chandeliers man!"

I'll make sure to write my local legislator about that one..... Oh wait, he/she won't take my call, I can't afford a lobbyist!


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