Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Hypocrite of the week: Pat Robertson

Before 9/11 I had slightly moderated my view of Jerry Fallwell. Save your bile, I am not saying I liked him or agreed with him. I just didn't hate him anymore. Two things happened that changed my mind; he met with Gay leaders (I'm pretty sure, I could be wrong) and I saw him on Politically Incorrect. His demeanor made me think "Yeah sure he's Self Righteous Born Again Christian, but he's not totally hopeless." His PI appearance made me think twice about him. He just seemed like he truly believes what he says and does his best to live his life that way. That's more than I can say for a lot of preachy religious leaders. I've seen too many of those people act like "Since I go to Church/Synagouge/Mosque and Pray when I'm supposed to and keep all the other special laws I am exempt from all that other humanity stuff like treating people with respect". Call it moral relativism, it's just my personal philosphy. If you walk it like you talk and take the whole package (everything in religious doctrine, not just the technicalities and such) I can at least respect you on some level.

Well, I guess I can't be surprised by what he said after Sept. 11th, but I was dissappointed. The thing that bothered me was Falwell became the primary target when he had what I saw as a more guilty associate. Falwell apologized, even if he his a dope and a boob.

The tie in is here -Pat Robertson, Falwell's partner in crime- It just seemed like Pat got off easier in the major press and liberal political groups, he garnered less public humiliation. I've always seen that guy to be an evil bastard hypocrite. Jesus glorified poverty and yet this guy revels in his wealth. I'm telling you he's evil!

As if I needed hard evidense, just see this one - Pat Robertson owns a racehorse, a story from the Tampa Trib. Even though Pat says gambling is a sin, owning a racehorse isn't. Since he's not the one betting on the horse he sees no conflict. What Would Jesus Do? Apparenlty bet $10 on Holy Blowhole to Win.

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