Friday, May 03, 2002

I guess I'm going to have a couple of new visitors courtesy of Suburban Limbo. This site is relatively new and I have little knowledge of HTML to make a swanky page just yet, but I'm working on it. Do your best to ignore the egregious spelling errors that have now been archived forever on the net. The current page is fine, but the link to the older story in the archive in regards to the DMCA / CARP post has got some major errors. I corrected them, but this is what happens when you start a page April 30th, post and published at 11:30PM, and continue to work on it till 1AM the next morning. I don't know what Rich teaches, but it's probably english and he probably had to keep from gagging to see such poor grammar. Let's just hope he took his high blood pressure pills that day.

Rich of SL called me by my real first name, Jared, but I've been using the psuedonym Palmer Haas to satiate my paranoid side (it's in an earlier post) Once you get on someone's hit list they dump an extraordinary amount of hate email. This would me a major setback since I have more far important emails to get to. The last thing I need is some agitated idealouge cutting into my valuable time alloted for downloading swedish porn! Ask anyone maintianing a politically one sided site.

I don't want to be a link farmer either, but I have a new favorite site, Roll Call, a government monitoring mag. Check out the story about Republican Pages getting a smack on the hand for smoking reefer (it's the fourth story down). They wont receive any real punishment - justice is only for liberals and the poor. However the Pages have been offered internships by High Times! Everything really does work out in the end! A credit to Illyich Lennon of Knife Of Simpson (chicago's favorite cock rock band) for this goldmine of info. The devil really is in the details.


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