Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I have to apologize - I've been outta town (in NYC area visiting family), the ISP @ work is down, among other obstacles too trivial and idiotic to mention. I tried to post from home but it didn't work on netscape.

So I'm way behind on my blogging. I wasn't even done with point number two.

Well what I was trying to say is all the current conditions in repressive Middle Eastern Arab States, the ones that many conservatives are bitching and moaning about (see referenced article below), were just as they were then under ReaganBushCo as they are now. After all the bitch slapping we got from our oil/drug dealers during the 70's, ReaganBushCo re-established our national addiction to foreign Oil. Arab states called America the devil then as they do now, they fommented Anti American sentiment in religious settings then as they do now, they called for the destruction of Israeli then just as they do now. And WE SAY NOTHING, we just continue to send them our money!!!!! You can't reason with religious fervor, but you can cut their cashola supply! These very mosques are indirectly funded by the gallons you as an American regularly put into your car (hey I do it too, but I at least drive a fuel efficient vehicle). Saddam funds his weapons of mass desruction with oil profits from your gas guzzler! Iran, Kuwait, they all hate us and they all get a shitload of our money. Great way to strike back at your advesary.

So this has been going on for 20+ years and the best thing your average conservative can do is blame Clinton! We were at least talking about heading in the right direction UNTIL ReaganBushCO. If you want to blame Clinton it should be that he didn't do anything to get us out of the prone position we were put in thanks to ReaganBushCo. It's like ReaganBushCo. pulled down Uncle Sam's pants and spread his cheeks wide, and Clinton didn't say anything about it because we were too busy having a good time. 9/11 was an unavoidable and inevitable mess that was coming, we were going to get a dick in our ass sooner or later. Clinton's short term successful M.O. was to not rock the big boat, not make the call for serious sacrifice. "It's the Economy Stupid! Don't tell the Big Three that they need to stop making gas guzzling SUV's." This is what happens when you compromise core Democratic values.

Check this one out in US News referenced by a practically giddy Andrew Sullivan. Yeah, that's right, that's what we should do Andrew, send our troops and nationalize the oil fields in Mecca, drawing the hate, enmity and ammunition of the entire Muslim World. Fucking Brilliant!

Let's not reconsider other options like STOP SUPPORTING THEM FINANCIALLY! That would be too easy!
Don't stop sending billions of dollars to this tiny represive country, or all the others that do the exact same thing.
Don't consider other fuel sources like ethanol and liquid hydrogen.
Don't make the motion to move towards conservation.
No, let's send American Men and Women to shed their own blood and Muslim blood to punish the country that has been given first priority on sucking the huge teet that is the American Marketplace.

More later.....


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