Wednesday, May 22, 2002

If you haven't heard me say it eight hundred times over, I work at a college radio station. I take one class so I can do a show and stay hip like the kids. Not to mention have access to a killer music section, not have to buy CD's anymore (I still do, but only the really good stuff I must own). It also allows me unlimited access to a computer with a T3, so if I were to theoretically download porn, I could do it faster than a speeding bullet. Not that I've done it before or anything - it's just that I could... if I wanted to.

After two years of DJing I feel it is my duty to let those who don't know about all the great music out there, especially if you can't get a college radio station or don't have the ability to listen to thousands of records etc....

Periodically the music press decided to collective jump someone's jock and give press disproportional to that respective act's record sales. They generally rave "So and So is amazing, they're reinvigorating/ reinventing music, they are so great, you gotta hear blah blah blah". Guilty parties of the past include the White Stripes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Reverend Horton Heat, Tortoise, Pavement, Sleater Kinney, Sigur Ros, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the Spins & Rolling Stones of the world do this. Whether it's coordinated or not, these bands deserve some of this attention that is normally wasted on the likes of the stuff that curently chokes up the commercial airwaves. I like all those aforementioned bands, at least to one degree or another. BUT this tsunami of glowing press reserved for the indie flavor of the month sometimes crowds out other excellent acts that also deserve to be noticed. Maybe they don't have IT, whatever IT is. So I'm going to do my best to let you know what you might be missing by posting a record a week. So here it goes.....


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