Thursday, May 23, 2002

McCarthyism is alive and well

Caught some of Politically Incorrect last night, one of my favorite (but soon to be dead) TV shows. That schmuck and liar Bill O’Reily, The Nuge, Elaine Boosler and Rev Al Sharpton were on the panel.

That evening's first discussion topic was "Is criticism of the President unpatriotic?"

I have three points to make, but since my blogs are getting to be too damn long, I'll do one a day, how bout that?

The first of three points to mull;
1) Why is it that when a conservative criticizes a liberal it goes unquestioned, even defended as crucial to what democracy is. But when its the other way around, especially when Democrats criticize the President, the stereotypical conservative knee jerk reaction is to begin waving the American flag and start chanting "What a bunch of Commie Pinko Liberal bastards! You are all traitors!"

Despite my default democratic leanings and my great displeasure in having Bush Jr. as President, I don't think it's fair to use this whole Phoenix memo as proof that Bush knew before hand. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and this little memo hardly proves any of the theories put forth by the people who have watched one too many episodes of the X-Files. I also think using this as political ammunition in the coming election, be it Presidential or otherwise, is less than honorable, even if politics isn't all that honorable to begin with. Even if you do blame Bush, then it is only fair that you really have to attribute at least some of that blame to Clinton as well. This could have easily happened under Clinton's watch, and odds are Al Qaida started planning 9/11 while Clinton was in office. If there is a mess it's in the CIA and FBI, and things have been the way they are in those respective departments of government for a long time now, even before Bush and Clinton.

But why is it that when any liberal American, 99.9% of whom love and deeply care for this country and its citizens, for all of it, good and bad, have to reprove their patriotism every time they say something the conservatives don't like, moreso in the current political climate? Why is it that Liberals have to constantly answer this charge every time we question the President. Its like conservatives have a monopoly on Patriotism? Sometime I think Senator McCarthy never really died. After 9/11 some conservatives idealouges just had to point the finger. Some conservatives had to go so far at the end of the liberal spectrum that they had to drag out Noam Chomsky, (a guy that your average suburban soccer mom liberal has never even heard of) as a way to somehow indite the entire left wing of America. This is despite the fact that just about everybody in this country, liberal and conservative, was in favor of retaliation.

If you take a look at this days old post on Get Donkey in regards to the criticism of our President, you'll notice the political posturing by Democrats wasn't really very harsh at all, at least according to the sources cited by the getdonkey. What's aggravating is if you get accused of being unpatriotic you need to jump threw hoops like a dog in a circus, reproving your belief in the ideals of this country. It's like the confessional for liberals, where instead of Hail Marys you need to say the pledge of allegiance and sing the national anthem umpteenth times and preface everything you say with "I love this country but..." when you want to criticize American policy. When this happens the disclaimers become a distraction, and the actual issue at hand never gets addressed.

Why the hell should Liberals have to kowtow to this bullshit? When the hell are mildy critical questions asked gonna be answered?

So on PI instead of discussing what the President knew, the liberal end of the panel and Bill Maher had to defend the idea of questioning of the president, and give a goddamn lecture on the definition of democracy and how dissent is part of democracy, and nothing could be more patriotic that participating in democracy, and on, and on, and on. They never got to discussing the actual issue at hand. Maybe that was the point of the discussion. It's still aggravating.

For those who don't know Senator Taft (Ohio-R), THE quintessential GOP conservative Republican of the 40's / WWII era criticized Roosevelt and questioned the US going to war only 12 days after Pearl Harbor . This bullshit has got to stop. I could go on about the double standards forever but it would just get silly. I wish YACCS was still taking new clients, but they aren't so please do me this favor, email me why you think this situation is the way it is. I'd like to know what you think. I'll post the most interesting comments on the site ASAP.

Points two and three tomorrow - it's gonna get ugly....


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