Friday, May 24, 2002

Point Number 2 (continued from previous post)

As I was saying previously the whole "what did the Pres know pre 9/11" blame game is a little over the top, whether your a Dem ("It's Bush's fault!) or Repub ("It's Clinton's fault!). But answer me this; How does Reagan and Bush Sr get a free pass when this is a mess of their creation?

Case and Point - between the OPEC Oil embargo because of our support of Israel and 1980 we got bitched slapped multiple times by our resident oil/drug dealers in the Middle East. Three separate Presidents, including Two Republicans, Nixon and Ford, and Carter, said we need to be self sufficient in our energy consumption. Point is we couldn't trust then (and can't trust now) outside forces to provide us with unlimited affordable oil. This is why we took measures after the embargo of the 70's to get off oil, so we weren't subservient to people who don't approve of our politics, whatever they may be.

What Happened? Reagan and Bush, that's what. As soon as Reagan got into office he cut all energy programs spearheaded by Carter, took the solar panels off the roof of the White House and we as a nation resumed our petroleum drug habit, crawling back to Our International Dealers, specifically the theocratic repressive regimes in the Middle East. We went from trying to reduce our energy consumption and become self sufficient to pissing it away on roving tanks. We also sold away our ability to make sound foreign policy decisions when we resumed our oil habit. The main reason this probably happened is an Oil man like Bush Sr. was now VP, and then Pres. I have no research in front of me, but I' bet my right nut that the Oil Industry made huge contributions to both of Reagan's Presidential Campaigns and Bush's first successful, second failed Presidential bids. The Bush family and associates have close business relationships with these regimes ad their associates.

An awful lot of conservative websites (I'll start citing examples later) seem zealous in their bashing of these repressive government. And they deserve to be trashed - theocracies like Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and many of the other Middle East Nations fomment hatred of American ideals and all we're associated with. They have school textbooks talking about how Jews make matzoh with the blood of Christian and Muslim children, thay talk about our brazen sexuality and indulgence in drugs and so on and so forth.

Ya know, the funny thing is all these aforementioned countries economy are based on one thing Our money! or more specifically Our oil consumption! We send approxiamately 10 cent for every gallon of gas we purchase to Saudia Arabia. That's a shitload of dimes a day. And for all the bullshit that BushCO send Saddam's way, the country that is second in oil sales to the US is IRAQ!!!!!!

Take a wild guess where that money goes? Into the hands of a lot of people overseas, but some of those people include Islamic Extremist who see the USA as Satan. They sure hate our country, but the LOVE OUR CURRENCY! They think everything we do is evil, but they have no problem taking our money.

(There's more coming... it's too long, can't do it all on lunch hour!)


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