Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Rye Coalition - On Top

Once upon a time Girls Against Boys made an album called House of GVSB...And it was good. Very good. There was something special about them. They were, as Savage Cochryde puts it, "the Best Cock Rock Band Masquerading as Indie Rock" (BCRBMIR) They rocked hard, making songs built from simple ass kicking riffs that satisfied the AC/DC loving adolecent in me. And yet they had enough weird stuff mixed in to keep the pretentious indie rocker in me from being embarresed by indulging in the guilty pleasures of my youth. The vocals were sleazy and sexy, their was lots of feedback, and they had the ultimate indie rock mark of validation: They once had a member of Fugazi among their ranks. That's pretty hard to beat.

After being signed to a major I thought they would be alternative rocks last chance at salvation. Instead they released Freakonica, an album that sounded like disco with guitars. I was most dissappointed.

I haven't heard the new GVSB, but quite frankly the crown for BCRBMIR should be taken away and given to these guys. Rye Coalition rock like AC/DC with a healthy dose of Fugazi and a little bit of other classic rock too. The Steve Albini production does everything right to this recording and then some. The songs have hysterical sleazy lyrics and funny ass titles like "Stop Eating while I'm Smoking" and "Stairway To The Free Bird on the Way to The Smokey Water".

Front man Ralph G Cusegilo's almost Guy Pichoto-like scream totally masks these outright cock rock glory anthem lyrics;"On Fire/I think I'm burning for you/On Fire/Watch the flames get higher" (off of the tune One Daugter Hotter Than One Thousand Suns). Spinal Tap is jealous and preparing a class action lawsuit as we speak! Their angularity throws off the cock rock swagger just enough to make them sound just indie enough. The crushing riff at the end of "Stop Eating...." continues to kick my ass every time I hear it.

These guys are from Jersey so if your out East keep an eye peeled, dry clean your leather pants, and warm up you neck muscles before you go out. If you don't, you may have to call out for work the next day from a sore neck. All that headbanging you will feel compelled to do will not feel good the next morn.

Don't believe me? Ask anyone like these guys or maybe these guys or maybe over here too. Or just hear them yourself at this site.


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