Monday, May 20, 2002

Since all my posts are getting to be too long, I am going to make a concerted effort to put a couple of smaller posts on the site. Shorter blogs, more often, I hope. Just don't hold your breath.

A friend from out of town visited this past weekend, so in an effort to see what was going on about town I checked the net and came across something that, while trivial in light of the current scary climate we live in, was nonetheless sad.

The Lounge Ax was a legendary club in Chicago. Then the effects of gentrification, or rather the assholes that gentrification brings with it brought it to an end; some yuppie resident moved into the new condos in the same neighborhood and started to complain about the noise, this despite the fact that the club had been there for years before this schmuck had moved in. It's Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park for heaven sakes, party central for native Chicago!!! Your paying extra for all that nightlife, that's why your condo is so expensive dumbass!

So The Longe Ax spent money to better insulate the place but it seems like this guy had a vendetta, because he'd complain to the cops even when the club had no band playing. They ran into some trouble, but the bar was so well regarded, supported and loved that they put out a Lounge Ax Legal Defense Fund CD to raise $ for legal fees. Really well known indie rock bands like Archers of Loaf, Guided By Voices and Chicago's own Shellac and Jesus Lizard contributed. Long story short there was a lot of hoopla and legal troubles with the City and then some investment banker bought the building and told the owners of the Lounge Ax "Six weeks and you're out".

Well, after being vacant guess what took it's place? The Grammercy, a fancy bar for all the post collegiate Frat boys and Sorority Girls, just what Lincoln Park really needs, as if the white hats didn't have enough places to get drunk, brag about how much they're making, and drool while ogling women with cheap fake tans. It's a sad sight.

You can read the story of the Lounge Ax's final night here as well as a little bit of background.

Also I came across this blog, it's quite entertaining. Enjoy...


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