Friday, June 28, 2002

One more thing - I love how Salon is so dead on sometimes. This article is restricted to premium members, but this was my thoughts exactly on the whole court ruling on the pledge of allegiance. Never mind corporate greed and white collar crime, God has been deemed offensive!!!!! Everybody vote those damn liberals out of office immediately!!!!

Lennon of KOS brought up the fact that one of the judges that ruled in favor of the aetheist plantiff was appointed by Nixon - do you smell a conspiracy here? The GOP has been on the losing side of our pressing domestic issues (like states losing over a billion dollars in pension funds for retirees in WorldCom from their stock plummeting), BUT NOW conservatives finally have something to grumble about and stick it to those commie liberals!

I should be doing other things like packing but this is TOO good;

Hate a to beat a long dead horse... The 2000 Florida fiasco shouldn't be dead, but with all the crazy shit going on in the world like the WorldCom Scandal, Afghanistan and the G8 conference, this horse is at least in a coma....

In regards to the Florida election, Greg Palast, a writer for The Observer (UK periodical) and frequent guest on This Is Hell, did an article in how the Florida election was rigged. Long story short Katherine Harris purged the Florida voter rolls of over 57,000 voters. The reason given for the purge was that these people were supposedly criminals. Most of the were black, otherwise know as most likely potential Democratic voters.

Well Mr. Palast did some research into some of these people that were purged and found out that (big surprise!) most of these people were innocent. Mr. Palast posted a list of some of the people purged and goes thru detail, but my favorite is example #2, which is someone that was purged for being convicted of a crime in 2007!!!!! I should be pissed but it's too funny. Just go to the far right of the graph and look under the column Convicted. Mrs. Harris is rankled as you can imagine, and wrote a nasty letter to Mr. Palast, but never actually refuted what he accused her of. A word of caution; if you have a heart condition and are a liberal you may want to avoid this article.

I'm planning on adding some new permalinks, I haven't forgotten those who have permalinked me (thanks for your patience Brad and Sassafras)

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Nader helps elect Democrat President in 2004!

Well, not really, but think about this;

Enron's scandal, Aurthur Andersen's conviction, Global Crossing failure, and now WorldCom.

Paul O'Neil is threatening that people are going to jail for this WorldCom thing - bullshit! Everybody knows that jail is for minorities and the poor, not for white collar criminals.

So how many more corporate scandals are coming down the pike? How many blows can the US marketplace take? How bad can the outlook get on Wall Street? How many more people will lose their jobs at these companies? How many investors are going to pull their money out of the markett? How bad will our economy get? I'm no financial advisor but I will make this prediction, it's gonna get worse, and there are more scandals coming.

My point is that if Gore were in the White House he'd be shouldering the blame for all of this. Not direct blame, but if he were in office, it would be his watch and his responsibility to fix it. Instead of Gore we have Bush, thanks to Nader, and the way things are looking if there is a reason Bush will not be re-elected, it will be the economy and the corporate scandals that have welled up in just the past few months. This whole mess would have happened sooner or later, and I'm glad it's happening while a Republican is in office, someone who would have been very much in favor of the de-regulation legislation of the accounting industry pushed thru in Congress back in 1995 that allowed all of this to happen. To my understanding Clinton vetoed the bill but was overridden in Congress, mainly by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, fellow GOP'ers, the Contract with America gang, with some help from "New" Democrats, whatever the fuck that means.

This is not say the Democrats are not partly to blame - in the Frontline program aired last week they lay blame at the feet of Republicans like Tauzin and "New" Democrats like Lieberman and Christopher Dodd. It's just that we get two choices every year and I'm thinking that if this keeps going like it is, the voters that do show up to the polls come 2004 or even this upcoming 2002 midterm election will be looking for blood. Republicans hold the House and Democrats barely have the Senate.

How good is PBS damnit? Frontline did an amazing and flat out kickass job on the Enron scandal, although reading this whole email dialog between journalist David Brooks and Robert Kuttner is very depressing and discouraging. It goes thru how bad things really are and how there are no signs of a "wildly successful anti-corporate popular upsurge" despite this current climate of corporate scandal, mainly because the Democrat have compromised themselves and their core ideals and values of their past so greatly that no one will speak up.

So much for my last post till the weekend....

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Despite my passionate political beliefs I've pretty much tried my hardest to avoid talking about the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Not that I don't have an opinion on it, it’s just that it's as messy as you can possibly imagine. I also feel biased because of my heritage (I’m a Heeb). I have so many “Did you know” facts stored in my cranium that I could spout that would justify a lot of what Israel is doing, but what would that accomplish? Both sides have merit, and have suffered immensely and immeasurably.

I feel uncomfortable around my Jewish friends and relatives because if you criticize Israel you are at least questioned in your love for your fellow Jew. I get emails from my cousin who's been a Dem his whole life and mentions how Tom Delay and Alan Keyes are behind the Israeli struggle. It makes me question myself "Am I on the right side here? Alan Keyes for pete sakes!!!! What the hell is this world coming to when liberal Jews are looking to Tom Delay and Alan Keyes for guidance?"

And yet I can't stand some of the stuff that's coming out of a lot of the "Liberal" circles. I was severely disappointed in the total biased viewpoint by groups like Pacifica, Free Speech Radio News, This Is Hell and Counterspin. I remember hearing on FSRN and Counterspin a report talking about how there were no gunman or terrorists in the Church of the Nativity and how some Israeli soldier had broken the hand of some old woman holed up there. I had heard a Monk on NPR talk about the armed Palestinians who had taken over, and Time had a journalist inside the Church. Time showed pictures of the gunman and their guns, about 20 of them. They were touting the 500 death count of the Palestinians, when in reality it barely came out to 50. The loss of 50 people is terrible no doubt, but it’s awfully hard for me to muster up sympathy for all of them when you photos of Hamas members in the street firing at IDF soldiers.

More of this “See what I want to see, hear what I want to hear, believe what I want to believe” bullshit. I lost a lot of faith in some of those liberal news sources during those weeks. I take just about everything I see with a grain of salt, except maybe NPR. Counterspin's favorite target it seems is NPR - it's part of the whole "I'm a better liberal than you are" speil.

Both groups have segments within them that have philosophical beliefs that are irreconcilable with the other. I just don't see a solution in sight. Why Arafat didn't even come up with a counter offer to Barak's plan is beyond me.

As for our President he blew it when he took office. It just seemed like he crossed his arms and turned his back hoping that if we ignore the problem it will go away. It was like 1941 all over again, we're going back to our isolationist mentality. What kills me is we FUND BOTH SIDES!!!!!

We send approximately $2 Billion in aid to Israel, not to mention another $2 Billion to Egypt to essentially play nice with Israel. While they show no outward hostility in military force they certainly stir up enough animosity thru their press by propagating anti Israeli sentiment. We say nothing, we just keep our mouths shut. This hostility from the Arab world makes it easier for Israel to justify their actions "They hated us before, they hate us now, they'll always hate us, so let's just do what we want." Sharon needs the extreme hatred of the Arab world in order to continue doing what he's doing.

We also send untold billions to repressive Middle Eastern Theocracies that stir up hatred of Israel, fund terrorism, etc. We continue our oil habit with little signs of showing. It sure as hell not going to get better with an Oil man in office.

How in the world do you take this isolationist attitude we knee deep in the muckety muck? What the hell was he thinking? Bush's logic (can you call it that?) is that you need to sort it out when we clearly have a stake in the future of the region. No oil from the Middle East means our economy comes to a screeching halt faster than you can say Jihad three times fast. If you really want to go isolationist you need to pull out on every front. You'd have to stop funding both sides and leave. I have no idea what goes on in that pea brained dopes we have as our leader. I have no idea how so many dopes in the GOP voted for Bush over McCain.

This'll probably be my last post till next week. I move this weekend, and have a test on Monday. It's gonna be a sucky weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2002

I hope it's not too late for some of you, but I thought I'd give you a warning....

Whatever you do, do not see Windtalkers.

I was embarrased to watch it. Embarrased that this was the big Hollywood moment for the Navajo Native Americans. Embarrased that Adam Beach, who gave a great performance in Smoke Signals, has a huge watermelon sized wart on his movie career. Embarrased for John Woo, Hong Kong Cinema's premiere director, could put out such a piece of shit. Amazed, stunned and befuddled that Nicholas Cage actually won an Oscar. I never saw Leaving Las Vegas but man..... Was it lightning in a bottle that year? Or were all the voters that year deaf dumb and blind? Was Francis Ford Coppola giving out gratuitious blowjobs to the Academy?

There could be a lot of reasons why this movie stunk soooo bad. John Woo is great with action, or has been in movies like Hard Boiled. However he tries to go into some emotional depth with Nicholas Cage's character and it just comes off silly. The melodrama between the characters is marginally higher that an A-Team rerun. It doesn't help that Woo's first language is not english, although they do speak a lot of english in Hong Kong. And it's gotta be hard to get someone not from the US to present in a fair manner the hardships of what it was like to be a Native American during the 40's. The movie is littered with those lousy 90's PC moments. While I generally dislike that kinda stuff, it's not just aggravating, it's terribly distracting beacuse that shit didn't exist in 40's. Woo tries, and I know he means well, but the whole thing just comes off as horrible. The Navajo deserve better. I just hope that this movie's inevitable failure at the box office is not a another reason for Hollywood execs to not cast Adam Beach in something, or to not produce another film with Native Americans playing a major lead in the plot or theme or leading role.

If you're really interested in trying to experience a little bit of the Native American experience in movies, do yourself a favor: Rent Smoke Signals. I shed a couple of tears no less. It was very powerful and really hit me. It more accurately shows how the Native Americans have come to experience the US. They toss negative comments about the white man and this country but the characters still celebrate the 4th of July. It's hard to see so many of them suffer from alcoholism and the tragedies that accompany that problem, but also to see so many of them try to make the best of things. I don't cry easy...... SS really touched me. I just hope it's not too late for you with Windtalkers.

Friday, June 21, 2002

So much to talk about, so little time to write. I really want to come back to the whole religion and marketing thing, but the DMCA CARP ruling is more of a bummer than anything else.

Not that I'm surprised in the least that the ruling went down the way it did. But still very dissappointed.

Do the little guys have any chance anymore?

"On February 20, 2002, however, the CARP arbitrators issued their recommendation — .14¢ per song per listener (that's $.0014) for Internet-only webcasters, .07¢ per song per listener ($.0007) for broadcast radio simulcasts, and .02¢ per song per listener($.0002) for non-commercial radio simulcasts." From RAIN website.

This pretty much means no more internet radio unless they do a subscription thing or something like that. WZRD has been off the web for a little while now. WNUR, WFMU and others can't be far behind. Thousands will cease webcasting. Just when I thought there was potential to break the mold of commercial radio and it's killed... By the Recording Industry no less. Some Artists group on NPR said they were happy and even said that there could have been better rates. That's really sad....

Thew whole thing seems like a mess because it's really two really evil groups going after each other and trampling other groups like independent artists, independent webcasters, etc. The RIAA wanted the CARP thing because they are already getting soaked with the whole "indie promotion" scam that is effectively Payola for the new millenium. The radio stations that currently webcast didn't want it because that would mean more money out of pocket, and advertising is already slumping now. Artists like Don Henley feel they're owed this CARP thing because they've been getting shafted by RIAA for the past.... since record labels started! Music performers got screwed in the very first initial agreement with radio broadcasters way back when....

I'm no expert but what little I do know is that performers get nothing from radio airplay. Based on the agreement with the music publishers in radio's infancy, the agreement was that the royalty fees were paid to the publishing organizations, the song publisher got royalties, but to my knowledge the performer got nothing off of radio. I don't know why that happened, but it's been that way ever since. Performers only receive payment from record sales. So when a band plays a cover, (Say Alien Ant Farm playing "Smooth Criminal") and it gets radio airplay the royalties go to the author of the song, not the performers . No wonder Michael Jackson never plays the USA - he's got all that extra money burning a hole in his pocket and so many little boys selling themselves in Thailand.

SESAC, ASCAP and BMI sell the licenses, collect fees, and pay the authors of the music. For a rock band or the average singer songwriter that's not a big deal. But for classical muscians who perform in orchestras etc. they get nothing. That's why the musicians union was behind the CARP ruling, because of the bum deal they got 60+ years ago. I guess their logic was "since we got screwed way back when we'll extract the monies we should be getting thru this new medium, the internet" It's all just very sad.

I mean hell, I know what's like to be a musician and struggle, live cheap, sink your own cash into your livelyhood. But this act really won't protect those people. It just means more money for Don Henley... and granted artists that have record contracts that haven't sold that much. As for the bands struggling to get their music out there and their only outlet being independent radio, well......

This whole mess wouldn't be so bad if little college stations like WZRD and others were allotted more than 100 watts. Reception isn't very good outside a little radius of the station. I feel really bad for people in Alaska and North Dakota and really anywhere there isn't a decent college station. Even only a couple of miles away from the station my reception at home is not that good. The bad guys win again.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Speaking of sin, have you seen this very questionable use of Legos? ( Just keep clicking till you hit some photos)

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

"By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. No, this is not a joke: kill yourself... you fucking evil scumbags." - Bill Hicks, genuis but now very much dead comedian

Marketing for religion is a subject that fascinates me. Came across this Daily Herald article at work. In a nutshell the article is about a college program teaching Christians how to bring Christian values into screenwriting for Hollywood, or How Christians Can become Successful in the Movie Industry 101 (Become a Jew? .......Just kidding).

Truth be told if you read the article the main instructor of the program, Zena Dell Schroeder, seems actually quite earnest. She seems to feel that Hollywood has glamorized sin, and her goal is to show that sin has consequences, etc. I hope I'm not sounding too weird here but I don't find that all that offensive to be honest. There may be some disaggreement on what is classified as sin (homosexuality, smoking pot, premarital sex, etc.) But all things considered she doesn't try to prostelytize in her movies (IM not so HO prostelytizing is very offensive) and well, I guess you gotta take everything relatively, right? Some of the movies she regards as having Christian Values are "The Devils Advocate" "Braveheart" and even "Boogie Nights" ?!?!? (just read the article for her justification)... Titty shots aside, her whole point is that in those movies really terrible things happen to those who participate in those sinful acts.

I'm still not sure what I am - I don't think I am truly an Aetheist or Agnostic but tend to find myself agreeing with much of the beliefs that come from that school of thought. Hell, I always confuse the definitions of those words no less. But this post isn't about religion, as much as it is the packaging of religion and using modern MTV style advertising to sell Jesus.

I don't have cable but I get some bizarro channels in the upper register here in Chitown. Some of it is interesting (Like clips of Bollywood musicals Sat and Sun morning, Korean gameshows, or Polish music videos) but some of it is downright disturbing. The Trinity Broadcasting Network is a religious channel that you can get without cable. They have their own news programs, their own political agenda, their own music video shows etc. All this blabbering leads up to this - Doesn't anybody find it disturbing that certain elements of the Religious Right are using this stuff to sell Jesus?

They have a music video show where they play a lot of Christian Artists like POD, MXPX, and The Supertones. It's sorta like they're saying "Hey you can be Christian and cool too; dye your hair purple or a tattoo, play rock or rap about Jesus" 50 years ago religious leaders burned R&R records because it was the "Music of the Devil". Now there are those who use modern advertising and videos and visuals etc. to somehow use it as a marketing tool to save more souls. Would Would Jesus Do t-shirts and apparel - didn't Jesus cast the money lenders out of his "Father's" temple? Who's pocketing all that merchandising money? Does Jesus get a cut?

What bothers me is they can't be as upfront about it anymore, they have to slip their message of salvation into rock and roll, and action thrillers like The Omega Code in order to sell new converts on the messenger. So much about the messanger, so little about the message....

FUCK!!!! It's after 7pm, I can't complete my thoughts, it's too damn late, can't get everything done etc. I guess I'll come back to it. Email your thoughts. This no comment ability on my site is a real pain....

One more thing - caught this neat-o website. I somehow wound up there going thru a recent post/link about a dog referenced from It's pretty and well written too. Four years of journalism school and loads of experience will do that.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Please forgive my blog neglect. Too much stuff to do, not enough time to do it. I know I get aggravated when Suburban Limbo doesn't put in a daily entry, same with KOS and other favorite blogs. I, on the other hand, haven't put anything in since last Wednesday...

I have gotten a couple of unsolicited emails, so I will add some more permalinks in the near future. It's difficult to keep my posts short, so in reference to earlier posts that were ongoing -

The coup is over. We have a real President at SGA at NEIU. Justice has prevailed - I'm sure you're all riveted.

Internet radio isn't dead yet. Save Our Streams says a new ruling is due June 20th.... let's hope it's fair.

Debate on Chicago gang member turned 'Al Qaeda' debate continues on KOS. This whole situation is a bloody mess. I detest the idea of usurping the constitution but I also have no other good ideas on how to address this guy. What the hell do we do? I don't know what real evidense they got on this guy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

This posting every day is getting to be laborious. I enjoy it a lot, don't get me wrong. I wish I had the time but I suspect that I am going to have to cut back somewhat in the near future. I'm moving out the apartment I've been living in for the past 3 years. It was coming but I had no idea how soon.

My landlord wanted to raise rent when my lease was up back in Jan, but instead he decided we should start paying for heat in the apartment. While it moved the category of my apartment from fair price to not a bargain anymore, all arguments aside my roomate and I took the deal, unknowingly what we were in for. Our landlord separated the heating meters, then moved into the recently vacated first floor apartment. Two months later he moved into the basement, when the apartment got rented. The basement is barely liveable, but he's a bit of a miser and would rather live under crumbling plaster for free for the chance he might rent the vacant apartment in his other house.

I get the bill for the first three months and it's $800! This is even weirder considering we had a mild winter and a heat wave in April. Even the gas company is confused - so much so that they decide to come out to see what's up. Lo and behold they investigate, and guess who's paying for hot water for the whole house, as well as heating the basement? Our new neighbor was paying for his electricity as well. He's moved out since, but he's definitely liable for a portion of the bill.

After a confrontation with the bastard, he refused to pay because of all kinds of stupid reasons ("You have free laundry" and "I was never home" and "I get all the electricity I need from the static charge from my ball hairs and wool underwear" etc). Lucky for me my name is not on the lease. My roomate has already told the bastard "We're outta here". Funny thing is he doesn't know that the lady on the first floor is on her way out as well. She's got lawyer and everything. Not to mention she won't have hot water come July 1st (we're shutting it off, meaning she won't have any hw and there's your legal recourse) Part of me wants to see his face when he first figures out he's got a completely empty house, a mortgage to pay, no job and no rent income.

Did I mention that my landlord used to work for the postal service? Used to as in HE WAS FIRED FROM THE US POST SERVICE! Do you have any idea how lazy you have to be to get fired by the post office? I know people who are in pot induced comas that still collect a paycheck from the U.S.P.S.! No offense to the fine hard working people of the USPS, it's just that it's very hard to get fired there!

So now I'm getting boxes and putting my stuff in storage ASAP. I still don't have a place to live for July 1st yet. I've been homeless before, but it was when I was on tour with a band, living in a van, getting by on the kindness of strangers and eating PB&J before the lease here in Chicago started. It was fun back then, my first post collegiate days. It was sort of an adventure, not having any real responsibility, opening for WEEN in Long Branch, New Jersey (it's true, I have pictures to prove my fleeting moment of rock and roll glory no less) etc. Now, five years later with a steady job, a warm bed to come home to and a lot more stuff, it's not so cool.

Guess I'll have a beer with KOS tonight, maybe alcohol and R&R will put things in a better light?

By the way Brad, you made the right decision. Chances are Savage de KOS won't be calling your house in a drunken stupor, but weirder things have happened. Someone else might if you give them the opportunity. Trust me on this one, I'll paint the picture for you in the near future.

And one other thing - barbs tossed at KOS will do wonders for you site meter! Those yutzes are pretty popular - either that or they look at their own site every ten minutes to boost their numbers.

Monday, June 10, 2002

I saw none of the political shows this past Sunday, missed This Is Hell, and didn't hear much NPR this weekend. Much of that has to do with the fact that a friend from out of town came to Chicago. I did my best to show her around and I'm pretty sure she had a good time. It was a bit nostalgic to see her and have her here, among other friends. Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time pine-ing (sp?) for my past. While there have been some very satisfying life moments post college, there have been some serious ups and downs. College has definitely been the most enjoyable period of my life.

Speaking of which, go to this guy's site. Apparently Brad's got me perma-linked, and his cell phone # is posted no less. Don't blame me if some drunked idiot starts harrasing you Brad, those Knife Of Simpson boys are outta control and have a twisted sense of humor. I hope I don't sound like some grandfatherly person dispensing advice, being that I 'm not that much older than you and haven't seen that much more in life than yourself, but enjoy everything you can.... especially college. I might dispense more collegiate advice later. For now I'll keep my mouth shut.

Went to see the Chihuly exhibit at Garfield Park with my out of town visitor - I am thouroughly impressed, both with the Exhibit and Garfield Park Conservatory. I forget how ridiculously large a city Chicago is, and it's a bit of a shame that is takes a visitor from out of town for me to go see some of the neighborhoods beyond my own that I've never been to in Chicago. For fucks sake I've been here 5 years and have yet to see Frank Lloyd Wright's studio in Oak Park!!! Can't wait around forever. Isn't it weird that you see more of your own town when someone else is visiting? I know people who lived in New York for their whole life and had never been to The Statue of Liberty, The WTC, and The Empire State Building, I bet hundreds of thousand of people said "Yeah we'll get to the top of the Twin Towers one of these days" The lesson is don't wait.... Either you or the destination may not be there tomorrow.

If you live in Chicago you had better hurry up and go see the Chihuly exihibit. Dale Chihuly is a glass artist and a lot of his work is on display at the enclosed greenhouse in the park. His work is really impressive and the setting makes it that much more interesting. Instead of a sterile white cold environment of a museum, the glass is in between and among the plantlife. It fits perfectly because his work is so organic. The exhibit was supposed to end back in May 19th, but due to popular demand it's been extended till I think the end of the summer. And it's only $2.00. Way better than paying 9.50 to see the Top of the Hancock building.

I was amazed at the sheer size of the indoor Garfield Park Conservatory(click here to see pics), much bigger than the Lincoln Park Conservatory. I may have to go there during the winter when the lack of green all around is depressing. It's amazing how many resources the city of Chicago really has, and how little we use them.

I've been reading a buddhist philosphy book and doing my best to heed the advice of living in the now, every moment is fleeting, everything is temporary. It's hard to remember all the time, but I do my best.

Friday, June 07, 2002

Saw Queens of the Stoneage last night - Everything is right with the world. QOTSA even played a Kyuss tune, specifically Allen's Wrench from Blues for the Red Sun. There's your Album of the Week. If you don't already have it get it immediately. Do your best to ignore John Garcia's horrible voice, get completely enveloped by the incredible immense sound and Chris Goss's production. Some newspaper article called Kyuss the Velvet Underground of Stoner Rock. I am not a big fan of VU, but I know the way rock critics trip all over themselves to credit those guys, so I think its a fair comment.

20 years from now rock mags will refer to Kyuss with the same reverence as they do VU. Although that may not happen, just because (1) QOTSA is kicking so much ass in the present tense, and (2)QOTSA is basically Kyuss minus their least talented and most distracting member (J. Garcia) and the amazing drummer Brant Bjork. However Dave Grohl SOOO made up for whatever I missed of Brant and then some. Don't get me wrong, Bjork's laid back eternally stoned behind the beat metal groove drumming style is awesome, but QOTSA's a lot more upfront and driving. Very much looking forward to Songs For the Deaf, sometime in August.

Counter is all fucked up - After surpassing something like 210 the counter just blanked. I don't know what else you call it. I guess I don't really need validation anymore, I know someone is paying attention. It's just nice to know how some people get to the site. People have done searches on stuff like cosmic caveman and haitian boobs and somehow wound up here.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Suburban Limbo observed the very sad and continuing decline of what we call the American Press. Before 60 Minutes, Carol Marin used to be on Chicago's CBS and attempted to do an informative no bullshit local weeknight news broadcast. They cancelled it after a few months, never really giving it a chance.

While I watch a little bit of the news on magazine feature shows, most of them have resorted to doing 90% fluff. 60 Minutes used to do hard hitting stuff - now the do features on Bill Parcells and other celebrities. An occasional feature ain't so bad, but it's been a regular thing now for I don't know how long. 20/20 went south along time ago. New Cohost Jon Miller looks so pathetic a few weeks ago, doing a study on three couples, interviewing them, asking a doctor which couple is more likely to get pregnant. You can see the pain on his face when he does fluff most of the time. I can almost hear what's going on inside his head -

"I interviewed Osama Bin Laden!!!! I rode in a truck across the wasteland in Afghanistan, I was blindfolded, and waited 3 days for him!!! Don't make me interview the Hansen Quintuplets again, please! No more botox features, they sound more like infomercials! Can't Dianne Sawyer do that?"

It's sad but I pretty much avoid that stuff. I watch Right Now with Bill Moyers & Frontline on PBS when I can, and listen to NPR a lot. Nightline might be then last worthwhile corporately operated news program left. I can't watch anything else. I've noticed the other news feature shows only do expose's on 4-5 different types of organizations or groups - The Governement (they don't advertise) Tobacco Companies (they aen't allowed to advertise) Small Companies (they can't afford to advertise nationally) and big Companies, but only after really bad stuff has happened, like Enron or Ford Firestone. NBC loves doing that Court TV shit with the instant online poll, so I guess crime features are small groups of people that have npo reason to advertise either. Does anyone notice a pattern here?

I like tits and ass as much as the next guy, but I don't watch my news for that kinda stuff. Major media has very little hope left. I think back to all those idiot frat boys that I went to school with who were in Syracuse's Newhouse School of Communication. Maybe they all got jobs programming major corporate media. All they seemed to care about back then was beer and pussy.

Some things never change.

Am I just like John Ashcroft Junior?

I put up this site counter from the other day. It's just that it's nice to know someone is reading your blog, ya know? The thought of posting as much as I have in the past few weeks and the possibility that no one saw a damn bit of it is a little bit of a downer. Sorta like saying "why am I doing this?"

Well anyway I regularly check the counter device and it takes certain pertinent info, like your browser, your FTP Address (it's a bunch of numbers) and how you got here (Thank you GetDonkey for the link).

My question is does that make me someone who invades your privacy? Or am I at least helping/enabling someone to invade your privacy? I don't know a damn thing about GoStats, so if it is really a tool to monitor what you use on the net well, I must say I am sorry. If you know something more about this kinda stuff please let me know (email at If a couple of people said take it down I would, just say the words (or send the email). Sorry I have yet to figure out how to allow comments (YACCS takes no new clients, and moveable type is more complicated).

Knife of Simspon just put up the counter and some guy name Cleveland Steamer is... steamed about it. You can see his post by clicking the comments box on KOS in regards to the counter. I don't want to be an aid to big brother, but is it basically impossible to completely cover your tracks on the net, unless you're a professional? I'd like to believe that if someone really wants to know who you are, etc., it is very difficutl to completely block them from that info, but I'm just guessing here. Are they gonna bust down my door because Palmer here raised a stink about Reagan and the Airline Industry? I feel a bout of paranoia kicking in.

Im going to change the template in the coming weeks. Apparently you can't copy quotes from my site... I hope that's a problem with the template. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Don't blame Shrub or Clinton (too much anyway), blame ReaganBushCo!

My nipples are still hard from the plug on Suburban Limbo's most recent plug. The extra attention is appreciated. It makes it all the more noteworthy, since I am already perma -linked, but Rich felt compelled to give me an extra mention. I'm glad someone noticed, cause I feel like what I've been talking about has been pretty much ignored.

I guess to sum up much of what I've said for the past two weeks comes down to this ; generally when really bad stuff starts happening to this country in a political context or has political dimentions, it's not because of what The President or Congress did last week or last month or even last year but the effects of years past. 9/11 was the result of a lot of things, one the biggest things being our national oil dependency which was resumed by Reagan (w/ Oil Cowboy Bush as VP). There is so much I want to say on this one but I'll have to come back to it*.

Here's a perfect example - Another major reason for 9.11 was lack of strong safety regulations of the Airline Industry. There are a lot of people out there who trust big corporation self monitoring over government oversight (See Ford/Firestone, Enron/Deregulation in Energy Market, Food Regulations/Salmonella, Aurthur Andersen/Accounting Industry etc.). It's weird in retrospect because after 9.11 I heard two things that sent up the red flags in regards to airline safety -

1) A columnist in the Chicago Tribune had mentioned she had seen an article about the pilot's union asking the government and the airline industry to start bolting the cockpit of planes to prevent hijackers access to the controls. This was not a recent article she mentions, it was from 1979! It never happened because the Airline Industry (AI) said it was too expensive and fought tooth and nail to prevent legislation from being passed, putting it into law (I have no reference to the article, but I'll try to look it up).

2) A mother of a victim of the Lockerbie bombing Pan Am 103 was interviewed on NPR. She had fought for new legislation mandating the airline industry start testing for explosives residue on luggage, or using bomb sniffing dogs. She had lost because the airline industry fought tooth and nail with their lobbyists. They said it would be too expensive.

So the AI put profits over security for 20+ years until it finally bit them in the ass bigtime, not to mention ruining 3000 lives as well as their families, the people who lost jobs subsequently etc. I can't vouch for the following assesment with any real authority, but I'm willing to bet $20 whatever amount the AI lost on 9.11 and the subsequent shutdown, that amount was way more money than paying for some dogs to sniff bags or bolts on airplane doors for the pilots. That's not even counting all the money the A.I. spent in lawyers and lobbyists in DC.

So if you go by the GOP Mantra you'd think "You need to take responsibility for your own actions"or "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps". The A.I. was careless and compromised security for the sake of profits and low ticket prices. The market regulates itself. How was the AI made responsible? They were punished by getting 5 Billion in grants and 10 billion in Gov loans. How's that for taking responsibility? After years of neglect on stronger legislation in regards to air travel safety it finally came around to be a liability.

Look at Grey Davis and the energy crisis of last summer - Pete Wilson, the Republican Govenor before Davis voted for deregulation of the energy market (along with a Democratically controlled State House to be fair, there's plenty of blame to go around). He lost the next election (for reasons unrelated to the Cal energy crisis) and look who took the blame for the deregulation of the energy market bullshit? A Democrat... Remeber all that bullshit coming out of the White House from Cheney saying it was a "state problem"? Actually he was half right, the problem was the Texas Energy Corporations had California bent over a coffe table. You don't think Bush was just a little bit biased since Enron and Duke Energy and others made HUGE contributions to your campaign now, do you? There's a really interesting article but in order to access it you need to click here and then go to archive from 05.08.02 entitled Bush to California: Drop Dead . I don't know how to link directly to the archived article.

Be happy that Dukakis lost - that crash was coming, just be happy the guillotine of fate fell on the neck of Bush Sr. and not a Democrat who would have been inevtiably blamed for the unavoidable economic crisis that was the late 80' early 90's. The end result of deficit spending galore and al kinds of other messes made by ReaganBushCo. The only lesson to be learned is that the policies of DC (and your state and local municipality) take sometimes years to have real consequences in the marketplace as a whole. And then we as citizens look to vote out whoever is in office at the time.

Sidenote - Little did I know how applicable this post would be to me personally when I first started it - I just got chewed up at work this afternoon by my boss for a mistake I made in September. It was my fault, so being chewed out a bit was fair, although very depressing nonetheless.... I guess my head was in the clouds that day; it was September after all, and I wasn't really thinking much about work admittedly, not as much as I should have.