Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Am I just like John Ashcroft Junior?

I put up this site counter from the other day. It's just that it's nice to know someone is reading your blog, ya know? The thought of posting as much as I have in the past few weeks and the possibility that no one saw a damn bit of it is a little bit of a downer. Sorta like saying "why am I doing this?"

Well anyway I regularly check the counter device and it takes certain pertinent info, like your browser, your FTP Address (it's a bunch of numbers) and how you got here (Thank you GetDonkey for the link).

My question is does that make me someone who invades your privacy? Or am I at least helping/enabling someone to invade your privacy? I don't know a damn thing about GoStats, so if it is really a tool to monitor what you use on the net well, I must say I am sorry. If you know something more about this kinda stuff please let me know (email at If a couple of people said take it down I would, just say the words (or send the email). Sorry I have yet to figure out how to allow comments (YACCS takes no new clients, and moveable type is more complicated).

Knife of Simspon just put up the counter and some guy name Cleveland Steamer is... steamed about it. You can see his post by clicking the comments box on KOS in regards to the counter. I don't want to be an aid to big brother, but is it basically impossible to completely cover your tracks on the net, unless you're a professional? I'd like to believe that if someone really wants to know who you are, etc., it is very difficutl to completely block them from that info, but I'm just guessing here. Are they gonna bust down my door because Palmer here raised a stink about Reagan and the Airline Industry? I feel a bout of paranoia kicking in.

Im going to change the template in the coming weeks. Apparently you can't copy quotes from my site... I hope that's a problem with the template. Stay tuned.


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