Tuesday, June 18, 2002

"By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. No, this is not a joke: kill yourself... you fucking evil scumbags." - Bill Hicks, genuis but now very much dead comedian

Marketing for religion is a subject that fascinates me. Came across this Daily Herald article at work. In a nutshell the article is about a college program teaching Christians how to bring Christian values into screenwriting for Hollywood, or How Christians Can become Successful in the Movie Industry 101 (Become a Jew? .......Just kidding).

Truth be told if you read the article the main instructor of the program, Zena Dell Schroeder, seems actually quite earnest. She seems to feel that Hollywood has glamorized sin, and her goal is to show that sin has consequences, etc. I hope I'm not sounding too weird here but I don't find that all that offensive to be honest. There may be some disaggreement on what is classified as sin (homosexuality, smoking pot, premarital sex, etc.) But all things considered she doesn't try to prostelytize in her movies (IM not so HO prostelytizing is very offensive) and well, I guess you gotta take everything relatively, right? Some of the movies she regards as having Christian Values are "The Devils Advocate" "Braveheart" and even "Boogie Nights" ?!?!? (just read the article for her justification)... Titty shots aside, her whole point is that in those movies really terrible things happen to those who participate in those sinful acts.

I'm still not sure what I am - I don't think I am truly an Aetheist or Agnostic but tend to find myself agreeing with much of the beliefs that come from that school of thought. Hell, I always confuse the definitions of those words no less. But this post isn't about religion, as much as it is the packaging of religion and using modern MTV style advertising to sell Jesus.

I don't have cable but I get some bizarro channels in the upper register here in Chitown. Some of it is interesting (Like clips of Bollywood musicals Sat and Sun morning, Korean gameshows, or Polish music videos) but some of it is downright disturbing. The Trinity Broadcasting Network is a religious channel that you can get without cable. They have their own news programs, their own political agenda, their own music video shows etc. All this blabbering leads up to this - Doesn't anybody find it disturbing that certain elements of the Religious Right are using this stuff to sell Jesus?

They have a music video show where they play a lot of Christian Artists like POD, MXPX, and The Supertones. It's sorta like they're saying "Hey you can be Christian and cool too; dye your hair purple or a tattoo, play rock or rap about Jesus" 50 years ago religious leaders burned R&R records because it was the "Music of the Devil". Now there are those who use modern advertising and videos and visuals etc. to somehow use it as a marketing tool to save more souls. Would Would Jesus Do t-shirts and apparel - didn't Jesus cast the money lenders out of his "Father's" temple? Who's pocketing all that merchandising money? Does Jesus get a cut?

What bothers me is they can't be as upfront about it anymore, they have to slip their message of salvation into rock and roll, and action thrillers like The Omega Code in order to sell new converts on the messenger. So much about the messanger, so little about the message....

FUCK!!!! It's after 7pm, I can't complete my thoughts, it's too damn late, can't get everything done etc. I guess I'll come back to it. Email your thoughts. This no comment ability on my site is a real pain....

One more thing - caught this neat-o website. I somehow wound up there going thru a recent post/link about a dog referenced from GetDonkey.com. It's pretty and well written too. Four years of journalism school and loads of experience will do that.


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