Monday, June 03, 2002

Don't blame Shrub or Clinton (too much anyway), blame ReaganBushCo!

My nipples are still hard from the plug on Suburban Limbo's most recent plug. The extra attention is appreciated. It makes it all the more noteworthy, since I am already perma -linked, but Rich felt compelled to give me an extra mention. I'm glad someone noticed, cause I feel like what I've been talking about has been pretty much ignored.

I guess to sum up much of what I've said for the past two weeks comes down to this ; generally when really bad stuff starts happening to this country in a political context or has political dimentions, it's not because of what The President or Congress did last week or last month or even last year but the effects of years past. 9/11 was the result of a lot of things, one the biggest things being our national oil dependency which was resumed by Reagan (w/ Oil Cowboy Bush as VP). There is so much I want to say on this one but I'll have to come back to it*.

Here's a perfect example - Another major reason for 9.11 was lack of strong safety regulations of the Airline Industry. There are a lot of people out there who trust big corporation self monitoring over government oversight (See Ford/Firestone, Enron/Deregulation in Energy Market, Food Regulations/Salmonella, Aurthur Andersen/Accounting Industry etc.). It's weird in retrospect because after 9.11 I heard two things that sent up the red flags in regards to airline safety -

1) A columnist in the Chicago Tribune had mentioned she had seen an article about the pilot's union asking the government and the airline industry to start bolting the cockpit of planes to prevent hijackers access to the controls. This was not a recent article she mentions, it was from 1979! It never happened because the Airline Industry (AI) said it was too expensive and fought tooth and nail to prevent legislation from being passed, putting it into law (I have no reference to the article, but I'll try to look it up).

2) A mother of a victim of the Lockerbie bombing Pan Am 103 was interviewed on NPR. She had fought for new legislation mandating the airline industry start testing for explosives residue on luggage, or using bomb sniffing dogs. She had lost because the airline industry fought tooth and nail with their lobbyists. They said it would be too expensive.

So the AI put profits over security for 20+ years until it finally bit them in the ass bigtime, not to mention ruining 3000 lives as well as their families, the people who lost jobs subsequently etc. I can't vouch for the following assesment with any real authority, but I'm willing to bet $20 whatever amount the AI lost on 9.11 and the subsequent shutdown, that amount was way more money than paying for some dogs to sniff bags or bolts on airplane doors for the pilots. That's not even counting all the money the A.I. spent in lawyers and lobbyists in DC.

So if you go by the GOP Mantra you'd think "You need to take responsibility for your own actions"or "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps". The A.I. was careless and compromised security for the sake of profits and low ticket prices. The market regulates itself. How was the AI made responsible? They were punished by getting 5 Billion in grants and 10 billion in Gov loans. How's that for taking responsibility? After years of neglect on stronger legislation in regards to air travel safety it finally came around to be a liability.

Look at Grey Davis and the energy crisis of last summer - Pete Wilson, the Republican Govenor before Davis voted for deregulation of the energy market (along with a Democratically controlled State House to be fair, there's plenty of blame to go around). He lost the next election (for reasons unrelated to the Cal energy crisis) and look who took the blame for the deregulation of the energy market bullshit? A Democrat... Remeber all that bullshit coming out of the White House from Cheney saying it was a "state problem"? Actually he was half right, the problem was the Texas Energy Corporations had California bent over a coffe table. You don't think Bush was just a little bit biased since Enron and Duke Energy and others made HUGE contributions to your campaign now, do you? There's a really interesting article but in order to access it you need to click here and then go to archive from 05.08.02 entitled Bush to California: Drop Dead . I don't know how to link directly to the archived article.

Be happy that Dukakis lost - that crash was coming, just be happy the guillotine of fate fell on the neck of Bush Sr. and not a Democrat who would have been inevtiably blamed for the unavoidable economic crisis that was the late 80' early 90's. The end result of deficit spending galore and al kinds of other messes made by ReaganBushCo. The only lesson to be learned is that the policies of DC (and your state and local municipality) take sometimes years to have real consequences in the marketplace as a whole. And then we as citizens look to vote out whoever is in office at the time.

Sidenote - Little did I know how applicable this post would be to me personally when I first started it - I just got chewed up at work this afternoon by my boss for a mistake I made in September. It was my fault, so being chewed out a bit was fair, although very depressing nonetheless.... I guess my head was in the clouds that day; it was September after all, and I wasn't really thinking much about work admittedly, not as much as I should have.


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