Friday, June 28, 2002

I should be doing other things like packing but this is TOO good;

Hate a to beat a long dead horse... The 2000 Florida fiasco shouldn't be dead, but with all the crazy shit going on in the world like the WorldCom Scandal, Afghanistan and the G8 conference, this horse is at least in a coma....

In regards to the Florida election, Greg Palast, a writer for The Observer (UK periodical) and frequent guest on This Is Hell, did an article in how the Florida election was rigged. Long story short Katherine Harris purged the Florida voter rolls of over 57,000 voters. The reason given for the purge was that these people were supposedly criminals. Most of the were black, otherwise know as most likely potential Democratic voters.

Well Mr. Palast did some research into some of these people that were purged and found out that (big surprise!) most of these people were innocent. Mr. Palast posted a list of some of the people purged and goes thru detail, but my favorite is example #2, which is someone that was purged for being convicted of a crime in 2007!!!!! I should be pissed but it's too funny. Just go to the far right of the graph and look under the column Convicted. Mrs. Harris is rankled as you can imagine, and wrote a nasty letter to Mr. Palast, but never actually refuted what he accused her of. A word of caution; if you have a heart condition and are a liberal you may want to avoid this article.

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