Thursday, June 27, 2002

Nader helps elect Democrat President in 2004!

Well, not really, but think about this;

Enron's scandal, Aurthur Andersen's conviction, Global Crossing failure, and now WorldCom.

Paul O'Neil is threatening that people are going to jail for this WorldCom thing - bullshit! Everybody knows that jail is for minorities and the poor, not for white collar criminals.

So how many more corporate scandals are coming down the pike? How many blows can the US marketplace take? How bad can the outlook get on Wall Street? How many more people will lose their jobs at these companies? How many investors are going to pull their money out of the markett? How bad will our economy get? I'm no financial advisor but I will make this prediction, it's gonna get worse, and there are more scandals coming.

My point is that if Gore were in the White House he'd be shouldering the blame for all of this. Not direct blame, but if he were in office, it would be his watch and his responsibility to fix it. Instead of Gore we have Bush, thanks to Nader, and the way things are looking if there is a reason Bush will not be re-elected, it will be the economy and the corporate scandals that have welled up in just the past few months. This whole mess would have happened sooner or later, and I'm glad it's happening while a Republican is in office, someone who would have been very much in favor of the de-regulation legislation of the accounting industry pushed thru in Congress back in 1995 that allowed all of this to happen. To my understanding Clinton vetoed the bill but was overridden in Congress, mainly by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, fellow GOP'ers, the Contract with America gang, with some help from "New" Democrats, whatever the fuck that means.

This is not say the Democrats are not partly to blame - in the Frontline program aired last week they lay blame at the feet of Republicans like Tauzin and "New" Democrats like Lieberman and Christopher Dodd. It's just that we get two choices every year and I'm thinking that if this keeps going like it is, the voters that do show up to the polls come 2004 or even this upcoming 2002 midterm election will be looking for blood. Republicans hold the House and Democrats barely have the Senate.

How good is PBS damnit? Frontline did an amazing and flat out kickass job on the Enron scandal, although reading this whole email dialog between journalist David Brooks and Robert Kuttner is very depressing and discouraging. It goes thru how bad things really are and how there are no signs of a "wildly successful anti-corporate popular upsurge" despite this current climate of corporate scandal, mainly because the Democrat have compromised themselves and their core ideals and values of their past so greatly that no one will speak up.

So much for my last post till the weekend....


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