Friday, June 07, 2002

Saw Queens of the Stoneage last night - Everything is right with the world. QOTSA even played a Kyuss tune, specifically Allen's Wrench from Blues for the Red Sun. There's your Album of the Week. If you don't already have it get it immediately. Do your best to ignore John Garcia's horrible voice, get completely enveloped by the incredible immense sound and Chris Goss's production. Some newspaper article called Kyuss the Velvet Underground of Stoner Rock. I am not a big fan of VU, but I know the way rock critics trip all over themselves to credit those guys, so I think its a fair comment.

20 years from now rock mags will refer to Kyuss with the same reverence as they do VU. Although that may not happen, just because (1) QOTSA is kicking so much ass in the present tense, and (2)QOTSA is basically Kyuss minus their least talented and most distracting member (J. Garcia) and the amazing drummer Brant Bjork. However Dave Grohl SOOO made up for whatever I missed of Brant and then some. Don't get me wrong, Bjork's laid back eternally stoned behind the beat metal groove drumming style is awesome, but QOTSA's a lot more upfront and driving. Very much looking forward to Songs For the Deaf, sometime in August.

Counter is all fucked up - After surpassing something like 210 the counter just blanked. I don't know what else you call it. I guess I don't really need validation anymore, I know someone is paying attention. It's just nice to know how some people get to the site. People have done searches on stuff like cosmic caveman and haitian boobs and somehow wound up here.


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