Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Suburban Limbo observed the very sad and continuing decline of what we call the American Press. Before 60 Minutes, Carol Marin used to be on Chicago's CBS and attempted to do an informative no bullshit local weeknight news broadcast. They cancelled it after a few months, never really giving it a chance.

While I watch a little bit of the news on magazine feature shows, most of them have resorted to doing 90% fluff. 60 Minutes used to do hard hitting stuff - now the do features on Bill Parcells and other celebrities. An occasional feature ain't so bad, but it's been a regular thing now for I don't know how long. 20/20 went south along time ago. New Cohost Jon Miller looks so pathetic a few weeks ago, doing a study on three couples, interviewing them, asking a doctor which couple is more likely to get pregnant. You can see the pain on his face when he does fluff most of the time. I can almost hear what's going on inside his head -

"I interviewed Osama Bin Laden!!!! I rode in a truck across the wasteland in Afghanistan, I was blindfolded, and waited 3 days for him!!! Don't make me interview the Hansen Quintuplets again, please! No more botox features, they sound more like infomercials! Can't Dianne Sawyer do that?"

It's sad but I pretty much avoid that stuff. I watch Right Now with Bill Moyers & Frontline on PBS when I can, and listen to NPR a lot. Nightline might be then last worthwhile corporately operated news program left. I can't watch anything else. I've noticed the other news feature shows only do expose's on 4-5 different types of organizations or groups - The Governement (they don't advertise) Tobacco Companies (they aen't allowed to advertise) Small Companies (they can't afford to advertise nationally) and big Companies, but only after really bad stuff has happened, like Enron or Ford Firestone. NBC loves doing that Court TV shit with the instant online poll, so I guess crime features are small groups of people that have npo reason to advertise either. Does anyone notice a pattern here?

I like tits and ass as much as the next guy, but I don't watch my news for that kinda stuff. Major media has very little hope left. I think back to all those idiot frat boys that I went to school with who were in Syracuse's Newhouse School of Communication. Maybe they all got jobs programming major corporate media. All they seemed to care about back then was beer and pussy.

Some things never change.


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