Wednesday, June 12, 2002

This posting every day is getting to be laborious. I enjoy it a lot, don't get me wrong. I wish I had the time but I suspect that I am going to have to cut back somewhat in the near future. I'm moving out the apartment I've been living in for the past 3 years. It was coming but I had no idea how soon.

My landlord wanted to raise rent when my lease was up back in Jan, but instead he decided we should start paying for heat in the apartment. While it moved the category of my apartment from fair price to not a bargain anymore, all arguments aside my roomate and I took the deal, unknowingly what we were in for. Our landlord separated the heating meters, then moved into the recently vacated first floor apartment. Two months later he moved into the basement, when the apartment got rented. The basement is barely liveable, but he's a bit of a miser and would rather live under crumbling plaster for free for the chance he might rent the vacant apartment in his other house.

I get the bill for the first three months and it's $800! This is even weirder considering we had a mild winter and a heat wave in April. Even the gas company is confused - so much so that they decide to come out to see what's up. Lo and behold they investigate, and guess who's paying for hot water for the whole house, as well as heating the basement? Our new neighbor was paying for his electricity as well. He's moved out since, but he's definitely liable for a portion of the bill.

After a confrontation with the bastard, he refused to pay because of all kinds of stupid reasons ("You have free laundry" and "I was never home" and "I get all the electricity I need from the static charge from my ball hairs and wool underwear" etc). Lucky for me my name is not on the lease. My roomate has already told the bastard "We're outta here". Funny thing is he doesn't know that the lady on the first floor is on her way out as well. She's got lawyer and everything. Not to mention she won't have hot water come July 1st (we're shutting it off, meaning she won't have any hw and there's your legal recourse) Part of me wants to see his face when he first figures out he's got a completely empty house, a mortgage to pay, no job and no rent income.

Did I mention that my landlord used to work for the postal service? Used to as in HE WAS FIRED FROM THE US POST SERVICE! Do you have any idea how lazy you have to be to get fired by the post office? I know people who are in pot induced comas that still collect a paycheck from the U.S.P.S.! No offense to the fine hard working people of the USPS, it's just that it's very hard to get fired there!

So now I'm getting boxes and putting my stuff in storage ASAP. I still don't have a place to live for July 1st yet. I've been homeless before, but it was when I was on tour with a band, living in a van, getting by on the kindness of strangers and eating PB&J before the lease here in Chicago started. It was fun back then, my first post collegiate days. It was sort of an adventure, not having any real responsibility, opening for WEEN in Long Branch, New Jersey (it's true, I have pictures to prove my fleeting moment of rock and roll glory no less) etc. Now, five years later with a steady job, a warm bed to come home to and a lot more stuff, it's not so cool.

Guess I'll have a beer with KOS tonight, maybe alcohol and R&R will put things in a better light?

By the way Brad, you made the right decision. Chances are Savage de KOS won't be calling your house in a drunken stupor, but weirder things have happened. Someone else might if you give them the opportunity. Trust me on this one, I'll paint the picture for you in the near future.

And one other thing - barbs tossed at KOS will do wonders for you site meter! Those yutzes are pretty popular - either that or they look at their own site every ten minutes to boost their numbers.


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