Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Everybody in Washington can't wait to pat each other on the back for their success in passing the new corporate accountability bill. It was a virtual love fest at the signing ceremony, Dubya shaking hands with Daschle and Lott and the rest of them. One of the major features of the bill is the doubling of jail time in setencing for white collar criminals. You know call me a fool for asking but I gotta know -

What good is doubling, tripling, increasing any penalty if you're NOT GOING TO BRING THEM TO COURT!!!!

This Enron shit is almost a year old, we have no arraignments for Lay/Skilling/Fastow. Nothing doing on World Com. I've lost track of how many of these stupid conglomerates have been or are being investigated, but there are quiet a few as of now. I myself lost value on the ten measely shares of Lucent I bought 3-4 years ago. They were worth $80 at one point, last time I checked today they were worth $1.64. The bubble that burst was due to false profit reports (Thank you Aurthur Andersen!). I'm not complaining cause I'm not retiring anytime soon, but what about the person who had their life savings / 401K in Lucent or elsewhere? Doesn't he / she deserve justice?

You can threaten to disembowel, impale, castrate, decapitate, or tickle torture all the evil white collar criminals you want. How 'bout getting them into court, that would be nice! What good is it if they don't face a bloody trial! You can't sentence anyone until you find them guilty, and in order to do that you need a damn trial! NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRAIGNED FOR GOD FRIGGIN SAKES! Ass-croft, stop wasting time on covering bare stone boobs and DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT!

Increased penalties for Wire and mail fraud? How does that apply to Enron and WorldCom? Is lying now called wire and mail fraud? Anybody?

I'll post why the "Forefathers" agrument is bullshit tomorrow.

For now check this site out, it's pretty funny. It's called Fanatical Apathy, done by Adam Felber. He regularly appears on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, a parody of the weekly news and quiz show. Someone close to him reads my blog. I don't have that individual's permission to post their name (much less a blog address that they are proud of yet) but I am working on it. This post from FA site talks about the only 3 Reps. in the US House who voted against the corporate reform legislation. I love people who clearly have the time on their hands to investigate the mundane details of life and discover just how wacky our government is.

Not to mention, male gynecologists are a bit weird, but it's even stranger when they go on to become an elected official. US Rep Ron Paul is from Texas though, so in some weird kinda way it makes perfect sense. $10 bucks says he's got whips, chains, a leather face mask and a steel dildo in his closet at home somewhere.

Is there any chance Mexico will take the Alamo back?


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