Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Here's a new project I started. It's just another blog, but I'm going to keep the BMA for rants and ravings. The Link Farm will pretty much reference other stuff I think is interesting. It's as much of a cheat sheet for myself as anyone else to look at. I generally hate blogs that are nothing but other people's stuff linked with a bit of their own commentary, which is why I am keeping this one separate.

Which reminds me I am way behind on ALBUM OF THE WEEK, three weeks to be exact, so here's three albums;

Domotic - Bye Bye
'"Domus" - Latin for house; "tic" relating to telematics or informatics. Robotic, domotic & telematic... human-robot interfacing. So, is Domotic music made by robot-humans or music made for human-robots, or...? There is a certain preciousness when machines are employed to bring to life delicate and warming sounds. The glitch pops and quirks just affirm personality, individuality and humanness. Like Blade Runner's Rachael, it's artificial, and at the same time it's the essence of humanity. Domotic work the medium expertly, mining emotive mindscapes from the 1s & 0s in their laptops. Fans of IDM, glitch-pop, take note."' Taken from triage international website (Triage is based in France, but don't hold that against them).

Sounds a bit like skip core, such as Oval, but more complex. Very unusual, even for electronica. Kinda spooky, as if Danny Elfman wrote a score for a futuristic surrealist movie.

Solex - Hard Kick and Low Bop (Matador Records)

“Like Beck or Cornelius at their best, the kitchen sinks consistently add up to full plumbing works.” — AP

Matador can do almost no wrong. They found this one woman show in the Netherlands. It's basically all Elizabeth Esselink using electronic samples, some swing and jazz and cartoon music elements. Mixed all together, she puts some really good songs to tape. I guess she uses some other musicians live, but otherwise it's pretty much all her. I've never been big on female artists. Not on principle mind you, but for whatever reason the average female music sensibility generally doesn't do it for me. PJ Harvey is an exception, and so is this. Highly recommended. Here's a place to download a free sample.

For someone else's opinion on Solex click here.

Central Falls - Latitude (Truckstop Records)
Adam Vida, new drummer for US Maple put this together before he joined the Maple. It sound absolutely nothing like US Maple though, it's heartbreakingly fragile country, awash in pedal steel and dreamy moments inspired on someone's steamy hot porch. I dig this a lot.

For someone else's opinion on Central Falls, click here. Their site is awesome but you need Flash so don't click here unless you have it or want to download it.


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