Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I copied this article from the Sun Times website as further proof of what's going on at WLUW, since it was so short. Here's the address from where it's copied from.

Loyola looks to WBEZ to run university station


Day-to-day management and programming of Loyola University's campus radio station would be taken over by officials of WBEZ-FM (91.5), under a plan to move WLUW-FM (88.7) off the university's budget.

Negotiations have been under way since spring between Loyola officials and executives of WBEZ Alliance, the nonprofit governing board and licensee of the public radio station.

Talks have centered on an operating agreement that would turn WLUW's management, programming and fund-raising activities over to WBEZ. Loyola would retain the license for the 100-watt noncommercial station.

"At this point, it's not for sure that we're going to partner up or do anything with them, but we've been looking at ways to enhance our students' educational opportunities," said Bud Jones, associate vice president of public relations at Loyola. "WBEZ has been a very helpful participant in discussions."
*does anyone smell bullshit in here?*

Since last fall, Loyola's president, the Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, has been moving toward weaning WLUW off his budget. To meet its $160,000 annual operating expenses, the station began seeking outside grants and underwriting and conducting on-air fund-raisers for the first time.

Torey Malatia, president and general manager of WBEZ, said that under his organization's supervision, WLUW would retain its mission as a community radio station and as a training facility for students. "We have no intention of making it an outlet to simulcast NPR [National Public Radio] programming," he said.

Students and community volunteers would continue to handle air shifts on the station, he said.
*I have a hard time believing this one*

Since no money will be changing hands, what's in it for WBEZ? Malatia said he sees WLUW as a resource and potential "hothouse" to develop new programming concepts, identify and nurture talent, and keep WBEZ "fresh, vital and sharp."

"I'm hopeful that we might find a way to make it happen," he said. His next meeting with Loyola officials is set for July 29.


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