Monday, July 29, 2002

Made a major road trip, just got back this past Sunday. It was a whirlwind, filled with a whole lotta fun, craziness, and mileage. Many thoughts occurred on my excursion across the Northern part of the east coast as well as all those miles accumulated between Chicago , NYC, DC, Pittsburg and home again. I'm sorry I didn't have a lap top on the road to put in everything I thought of as it was happening. I'll do my best to recall what I can;

It was just two weeks ago that Rich of Suburban Limbo was mentioning the John Ashcroft covering the semi-nude sculpture of a female at the Department of Justice. While site seeing I couldn't help but notice while I was in DC that there were literally hundreds of bare breasts all over our Nation's Capitol! They are everywhere - carved in marble and granite, cast in brass and copper, on buildings and free standing (no pun intended), inside the Smithsonian, at the bridgeway leading to Arlington National Memorial's cememtary. For God-friggin-sakes, there are a couple of naked women on the entryway in a frieze in stone at the top of the Department of Justice building, Mr. Ashcorft's place of work! It's re-goddamn-diculous!

I wish I had a digital camera to prove it, but you'll just have to trust me. I tried to find a .gov site with pictures of this stuff on the web, but I can't seem to find one (yet, I'm sure they exist). I'll continue to look and post a couple if I come across one. Any help would be appreciated ( )!

I don't know what exactly my point is.... just that AG Ashcorft is a silly fool, among other things. If he had his way completely would he apply expensive cloth bikinis to all these statues and friezes all over DC? *I hate to use this argument, but if you asked me, the covering of bare breasts in DC is NOT WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS HAD INTENDED!

*I hate when others use the whole NWOFHI argument to justify really stupid and unjust political actions, as if only certain people have a direct link with our forefathers and can channel their beliefs and opinions from beyond the grave. I hate using it BUT I thought it was appropriate to stick it here because I'd bet $$$ that Ashcroft (among many other conservatives) has trotted out that crappy argument. He could easily justify any legislation that seems within narrow political beliefs, but would without second thought toss it aside if it conflicted with legislation that he see fit to pass (aka The PATRIOT Act). Free mix CD to anyone who can find me a quote where he said something to that effect.

Next time - why using the whole "Not what our forefathers had intended" argument is bullshit.....


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