Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Way behind on blogging, but lotso thoughts -

People have dragging what I thought was a dead horse quite a bit lately, the dead horse being the Harken stock sale accusation against Bush. Not that it should be a dead horse; it's just that this issue was brought during the 2000 Election, at least in the liberal presses, but no one in the mainstream press seemed to care. Now it's a big deal. Nobody cared that Bush's main windfall in his ownership of the Texas Rangers was when he used his influence to confiscate land and get a new stadium build by Texan taxpayers. I remember reading in an article in Vanity Fair (I think) of a farmer in Texas complaining about how Bush had taken his land by having it confiscated, yadda, yadda, yadda. (Conservatives feel so strongly about land rights, unless they can gain financially, and then they toss those values out the window faster than you can say, "You have black people too?")

My point is every time some news source brings up the Harken deal, they make mention of how the SEC investigated, and while they never said Bush was innocent, there was not enough evidence to prosecute. I've heard this adage umpteenth times. Can someone please tell me why they never follow up the "SEC found insufficient evidence" with "While his Daddy was President"? If you've heard ANYONE say ANYTHING even close to that, please tell me.

I hate double standards and hypocrites. The GOP'ers got eight years worth of mileage outta Whitewater, Lewinski, the list goes on and on. And while I have a positive take on the Clinton years I would have to say that there are things I didn't like about him, he certainly gave The GOP plenty to toss back at him. And Clinton deserves some of the crap that they gave him, really. He had plenty of faults.

But why is it that so many Repub's are so willing to cut so much slack for the Harken & the Texas Rangers bullshit? The GOP made character such a big deal in the 2000 election, but they could not have picked a worse candidate to represent good ethics and character. How the hell did they nominate Bush over McCain? (Don't tell me, I know, it's $$$$$) In fact, the GOP'ers are still trying to blame Clinton for the recent scandals because he created a "Climate of Immorality". Was Clinton to blame for something Bush did in 1991 (Harken) or 1994 (Texas Rangers)?

Picture this - A courtroom setting where a youth is being prosecuted by the state for some unnamed offense. In closing arguments the defense lawyers gets in front of the jury and puts together some eloquent speech about how his client has suffered immeasurably because his Mom/Dad abandoned him or he didn't get good guidance at school or had bad influences etc. It wasn't his client's fault that he defaced property / sold drugs / assaulted an old lady, but it was society's fault.

Every time this scenario played out, in fiction or reality, Conservatives everywhere would moan and groan, complaining "When are you liberals gonna hold everyone responsible for their own actions." That scenario has changed though. Now, that conservative might just substitute the word SOCIETY with the name Bill Clinton. In fact every problem in the entire world can now be traced to Bill Clinton:

Why did you cheat on your test in high school? Bill Clinton!

Why did you have sex with that minor? Bill Clinton!

Unnamed Senator - "Why did you swindle investors out of Billions, Mr. Lay?"

"Well, I saw Bill Clinton lie in office and get away with it. It compelled me to cook the books and swindle billions of stockholders, employees and taxpayers. Ask my therapist, he'll vouch for me..."

It's like Slick Willy was the first politician to lie in office. Not Tricky Dick and Watergate, Not Reagan and Iran Contra, not Bush and the Savings and Loans Scandal (involving Neil Bush), or my personal favorite lie of Reagan, the Chicago-based welfare queen who drove a Cadillac and had 80 names, 30 addresses, and 12 Social Security cards in order to be eligible for veterans’ benefits on four non-existing deceased husbands was a Ronald Reagan invention. When the press searched for this woman, they found she had never existed. She was a lie, but the lie worked. Never mind this person didn't exist. As I've said it before, people see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe, facts, truths and reality be damned.

All these aforementioned lies all negligible , although I don't know why. Maybe it's because all that other stuff is so complicated, with the hostages, and the contras, and the money, and the hostility conservatives have for welfare recipients anyway. Bill Clinton sticking his dick in an intern however is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! There the real outrage! Scamming taxpayers out billions or defying congress doing what they explicitly told you not to, never mind that shit. Slick Willy is getting head in the Oval Office! Get pissed America!

I feel a crazed liberal rant coming on..... Next time the GOP "personal responsibility" really means "It's all your fault, all the time, no matter who did anything unethical, illegal or otherwise....." and feeling bad for John McCain (no, really, I do feel bad for him).


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