Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Well, here's a thought for 4th of July;

What is more American?

The American flag - the abstract representation of our country, a nation that is (supposed to) represent democracy, liberty and justice and the rest of that stuff we all take for granted; A symbol in an abstract sense of the freedom we all claim to have...


The First Amendment, the constitutional ammendment that actually allows you the ability to speak your mind, protest your government, to remain free no matter what your opinion is. The very freedom itself.... What's more American than the First Amendment?

There are an awful lot of people who would pick the former... Try reminding those people you know to remember the latter this 4th. And try not blow up your hand while tossing fireworks this week. Enjoy your 4th of July.

(Probably no posts from me till next Monday - all five of you will have to go elsewhere for trivial blog entries until then)


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