Thursday, August 15, 2002

Apparently some victims kin are going to be suing Saudi Princes and Firms for 1 Trillion Dollars. Do you know how many zeroes that is?

$1,000,000,000,000.00 (12, count 'em)

I'm embarrassed by this thought, but I have to say it - Can the Afghan family that was bombed by US Forces sue the Government for killing the 50 some odd people with the miscommunication? It's a wonder that some enterprising ambulance chaser hasn't gone overseas to talk to those families to look into that possibility.

Here's a thoughts -

There was this article in Slate that caught my attention the other day. A LaRouche defector gave a power point display talking how Saudi Arabia is the enemy. The report said (and I quote) - "advocated that the United States invade the country, seize its oil fields, and confiscate its financial assets unless the Saudis stop supporting the anti-Western terror network"

Why is it that no one in the GOP has said a damn thing about the fact that we are selling out our sovereignty over oil? That we completely compromise our foreign policy by kowtowing and placating this ass backwards monarchy/theocracy?

During our little fiasco with China and the downed spy plane (remember when China was our next foe? seems like forever ago) There was a huge split within the GOP and conservative ideologues. Some were out for blood and wanted to sell Taiwan every rampart we had to sell. The people with business interests however that had much to lose financially cautioned against making any drastic moves. I don't here a damn thing from conservatives bitching and moaning about the fact that we suck up to this terrorist funding nation. Any idea why?

Here's a Lyndon LaRouche publication - what the hell is his claim to fame anyway? He's got these converts roaming the campus I take classes at like Jehovah's Witnesses.


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