Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Album of the week - Oxes-Oxxxes
Fucked up metallic math rock, no vocals. You can hear the Don Caballero influence, but they have more of a sense of humor than the Don. I can also hear some US Maple in them, but not too much to ostracize the Maple haters out there.

(sidenote: as far as I'm concerned US Maple is phenominal, but they're not for everyone.About 20, 000 people [out of the 6 billion] can hear God talking thru the guitars of Todd Ritman and Mark Shippy US Maple. Everybody else may see their influence as a negative. For more testimonials on US Maple go here and here.)

No time for a real review on my part, cause I'm gonna try to get a decent night's sleep for once. But there are other people with reviews more eloquent than I'll ever be.

Here's a live review from a Baltimore alternative weekly. They played with Rye Coaltion no less, a band (previously mentioned here) that kicks much ass.

Here's a mention of their tour in Europe in the same weekly.

You can stream or download an MP3 from here to judge for yourself, as well as see the album cover - it's truly in the Baltimore tradition ala John Waters - there are people "protesting" holding posters saying things like 'Equal Rights Does Not Include Nudity' and 'Oxes Suck Coxes'.

This web article is in German but the photo of them in their underwear with paper bags over their head is worth seeing. Those wacky Germans sure know their rock and roll.

Please, whatever you do DO NOT CLICK HERE and then scroll to the very bottom of the page! You may never stop vomiting - or laughing - Baltimore has to be the modern day Sodom and Gemorra, or Babylon - please forgive the possibly mangled biblical reference, it's been a while since I read the torah/old testament.

Delusions of Adequacy have their own review for the Oxes new record.

And you can always go to the website of their record label Monitor Records.

Or go to the Oxes own website right here.


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