Tuesday, October 08, 2002

The battle rages on GetDonkey. I feel like I'm pretty open minded in regards with some of the gripes many GOP'ers have with the NJ Supreme Court ruling. Even I'm a bit confused by this whole mess. To a non-lawyer (myself) it seems like the line is pretty well drawn, 51 days and all.

But if the court was so politicized, then at least 7 of the nine justices would have gone with "law". Seven of them were appointed by Republican Gov., including two by Christine Whitman. The court unanimously seems to feel that the "51 days" was a guideline. A unanimous decision by the court is a lot more comforting or at least easier to stomach than say a 5-4 decision ruling for the President if the US. I can't explain their ruling, but the hypocrisy everywhere else in the GOP argument seems pretty obvious unless you are wearing blinders, especially in reference to the aformentioned and aforelinked (is that a word?) Conason Journal in Salon.

Did I mention I love GetDonkey.com?

Also you should all start making a habit of reading Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Greg Easterbrook. Highly entertaining and laugh out loud funny even for the casual football fan.

On an unrelated note, when are you gonna post again Rich? Your witty entries are getting fewer and farther in between! I miss your regular blogging!


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