Monday, October 07, 2002

So the Supreme Court decided to not here the GOP's complaint about replacing Lautenburg with Torriceli?

This whole situation feels like a sporting event, where after the umpire makes a bad call in favor of one team, he tries to make up for it by making a another bad call the other way. The whole 51 day rule seems somewhat airtight, but I must admit I'm confused because if this were pure politics, then why would the NJ Supreme Court be unanimous? Apparently 2 or 3 of those judges were appointed Christine Whitman, former Republican Govenor of NJ before she took the position of head of the Environmental Perpatration Agency. Seven of Nine (no Star Trek joke) were appointed by Republican Govenors.

The best way to judge a situation is to find when something similar, if not the same exact thing, that has happened with victim and perp reversed. Funny enough, such a situation can be found, referenced in Joe Conason's Journal on Salon. The Repubs pulled a very unholy candidate after a sex scandal within about 8 days of the election;

Minnesota's election law was sufficiently vague to permit a challenge by the Democrats to keep Grunseth on the ballot. Certainly, eight days before the election, the Democrats could have gone to federal court and argued -- as Forrester's GOP lawyers will now -- that absentee voters were being disenfranchised. But they didn't.

Either way at least it sounds like New Jersey is going to get a candidate they want instead of the lesser of two evils. Even that neoconservative Mickey Kaus of Kausfiles (scroll down to October 2nd, 12:33am post) seems to be in favor of more choices. How can you fault that? If people were that strongly about Forrester then why is he already trailing Lautenburg in the pols not even a week after Torricelli was replaced? Point was NJ voters were not all that happy with Forrester but really disgusted by Torricelli.

For either party to claim the moral high ground on this one is a bunch of bullshit. Both the GOP and Dems have bended and even broken the same rules when it suits their purpose and then try to hide behind it to impedes the other party's progress. While I am biased, I tend to believe the GOP do this way more than the Democrats. My bias or not, the GOP is always more sactimonious and self righteous when these opportunities arise. It's funny to see a spoiled little brat that normally gets his or her way finally get their due, however meager it is.


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