Monday, October 14, 2002

Stuff like this never fails to amaze and fascinate me. Dick Armey wants to break up the Belo Company (which owns several news organizations including the Dallas Morning News, WFAA-TV of Dallas, etc.) Why would a deregulation advocate of virtually everything like Armey, be so in favor of regulating this media company his own district?

From the Seattle Times Article
The dispute between Armey and Belo stems from the Dallas Morning News' reporting on his son, Scott, a former Denton County judge who hoped to succeed his father but lost in an April 9 GOP primary runoff. Armey said the newspaper engaged in "vicious unprofessionalism" with a series of articles this year critical of his son's judicial record.

In other words "I am all in favor of deregulation... until it comes around to bite me in the ass."

I first heard the story on On the Media, NPR.

More links can be found here;

Documented in the Seattle Times.

The National Review Crying about the Media Conglomerates - boo hoo! That's right you closed minded idealouges - Deregulation is the answer to everything - unless we wind up deregulating a business that "doesn't share our values"- code words for run by liberals or pretty much anyone else that is counter to what the right wing status quo demands.

News on the issue from Gov is not God PAC. Social Conservatives? What the hell does that mean?

On another note - Saw Ira Glass, host of NPR's This American Life at the Centre East in Skokie this past Saturday. He's phenominal, and I highly suggest you make it a point to listen to his show, just check the NPR affiliate in your area.


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