Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Why do people who find the government utterly clueless, inefficient, and worse-than-useless when it comes to airport security find the same government utterly trustworthy, prescient, and correct when it comes to Iraq?

Shouldn't anybody with an "Impeach Norm Mineta" bumper sticker call for war in the Middle East with, at the very least, a sense of irony? - posted by Sam Coppersmith on October 8th at 8:33 AM

If you haven't read Mr. Coppersmith you should start now. I'm almost positive I've mentioned Liberal Desert and Sam before, but I can't get enough of his insightful writing. Sam apparently was a Rep in the House for 2 years (93-95). The reason this good soul is no longer in National politics is he ran in the Democratic Primary for Senator in Arizona, but eventually lost. Well, Washington's loss is the blogosphere's gain.

In other news - I've been harping on the anti-oil front since I started this blog. Former conservative and now... I don't know what but I like the way she thinks - Arriana Huffington rants about our terrible oil problem and how no one seems to want to talk about it. Go figure.

I must confess, with all the ultra negative anti Islamic rhetoric coming from the far right wing why isn't there at least one conservative suggesting we strike back at Islamic Fascist nations not with weapons but with alternative fuels, sending oil prices thru the floor. Not even some yahoo in rural corn growing (and ethanol producing) state has got the balls to start pounding this drum. Why not? I don't get it! Here's an opportunity to create jobs in primarily rural / poor areas, boost the economy, give us the ability to make sound foreign policy decisions wihtout thinkg "What will the Saudis think?", put the smackdown on Saddam (the US's second largest oil supplier is IRAQ!!!!! what the fuh.....) No money for Saddam, no ability to produce WMD. Instead it's nothing but crickets out there. Why am I the only one, well Arriana and I, the only ones who think this is the most important issue in the US in these times?

Hell, the next Democratic Candidate for President could have a field day in the 2004 campaign, pounding Bush into the ground by showing that the Bush family has ties to the Bin Laden family, that all his business cronies currently have business ties with strongly anti-US Middle Eastern nations, that we have a totally different visa policy for other Middle Eastern Nations vs The Nation where 15 out of 19 terrosits came from (courtesy of our beloved doughboy cheerleader President), that we fund these nations, and we punish those who call America the Great Satan by sending them even more of our money so we can buy their oil.

Instead we get... nothin. Apparently almost all of the Democrats have been neutured, aint got no balls. What the hell is this world coming to? Will we ever learn?


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