Sunday, November 17, 2002

As if you needed any real proof, here's a link copied verbatim -

Fox News Roger Ailes has been moonlighting

"We report, you decide."
--Fox News Channel slogan.

"Roger E. Ailes, a media coach for Bush's father and now chairman of the Fox News Channel, sent a confidential communication to the White House in the weeks after the terrorist attacks. [Chief political aide Karl] Rove took the Ailes communication to the president. 'His back-channel message: The American public would tolerate waiting and would be patient, but only as long as they were convinced that Bush was using the harshest measures possible,' Woodward wrote. He added that Ailes, who has angrily challenged reports that his news channel has a conservative bias, added a warning: 'Support would dissipate if the public did not see Bush acting harshly.'"
--Washington Post news story summarizing scoops in Bob Woodward's new book, Bush At War.


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