Tuesday, November 05, 2002

The Genius of Marketing, The fear of extinction, and the The South Pacific Smega Skin Sardine.

It's still early, but I don’t have a good feeling about the Senate. NH and NC have gone GOP so far, CO and TX aren't looking so good. I've been trying to cheer myself up, and this little adage has seemed to do the trick.

On my way home I was listening to Marketplace on NPR and they were talking about organizations and individual restaurants trying to cut down on the consumption and illegal fishing of the Patagonian Toothfish. You may have not heard of it referred to by its original name, but since it's brilliant marketing by ways of a name change, the Chilean Sea Bass is supposedly in danger of extinction. There seems to be some debate on the extinction issue, but it is a fish that is being over fished from what I hear.

Well, I couldn't help but notice that no one cared about the fish all that much until after the name change. And the amazing thing is the Chilean Sea Bass is neither a proper Bass, nor is it from Chile. I was just so struck by the sheer genius of renaming the the fish without being encumbered in any way by any anthropological rules or language limations. I myself was so inspired by this brilliant American marketing know-how that I think that the best way to stop people from eating the Chilean Sea Bass is to demand that people call it by another name, something that is repulsive and disgusting. And the amazing thing is the name of the fish doesn’t have to do anything with what the fish really is! The fact that the Patagonian Toothfish is neither from Chile nor a Bass means we can rename it something totally different to repulse potential Chilean Sea Bass lovers. I’m still working on some names, but here are a few;

The South American Sphincter Mouth Salmon

The Pacific Greasy Gash Herring

The Coldwater Cockroach Catfish

The African Gonorreah Goldfish

The French Canadian Crack Whore Carp

The Argentinian Syphillis-infested Snapper

Anyway, if you have any strokes of genuis, please email me, and I'll post em. Save the Chilean Sea Bass! Start calling it the French Canadian Crack Whore Carp!!!!! I gotta get posting ability on this thing already.

Best name for the Chilean Sea Bass gets a free custom mix CD courtesy of me, Palmer Hass, and WZRD Chicago, 88.3FM.


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