Friday, November 15, 2002

Is this the key to Democrats retaking the White House and/or Congress? Demanding equity for all instead of letting welfare for the rich continue? It's practically Nader-ific. From the Slate article by Timothy Noah;

How has this shift been achieved? By switching spending from programs that benefit Democratic constituencies to programs that benefit Republican ones. Thus, the AP reports,

spending on child care food programs was slashed 80 percent; public and Indian housing grants were virtually eliminated; rental housing loans for rural areas and special benefits for disabled coal miners were cut by two-thirds; and the food stamp program was cut by a third.

At the same time,

Direct payments to farmers increased sevenfold during the six years of GOP rule; business and industrial loans quadrupled; home mortgage insurance went up 150 percent; and crop insurance assistance jumped by two-thirds.

What the AP is describing, then, appears to represent not only a spending shift from Democratic congressional districts to Republican ones, but also, and more significant, a spending shift from low-income people to middle- and upper-income people. The GOP, it seems, is every bit as bent as the Democrats on redistributing income; the only difference is that while Democrats want to redistribute income downward, to the poor, Republicans want to redistribute it upward, to the rich.

The article closes on this note;

Alas, you probably won't hear many Democrats saying this because Bill Clinton, who was president for most of that period, let it happen.

That may be true now, but 2004 the GOP will have been in power and let this go on for 4 years, and there will be no excuse. It'll sound kinda silly to blame Clinton when he's been out of office for four years by then. If the Dems know whats good for them they'll make this the centerpiece of 2004 election.


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