Thursday, November 14, 2002

Not enough time to post anything in depth, but these links are worth checking out;

Timothy Noah's take on the Emerging Democratic Majority book that I had my suspicions about previously. This is part three, I'd recommend checking out all three parts.

If I had any faith whatsoever in our current President I would say pushing the hydrogen solution for our energy crisis would be a great thing. It's just that I can't believe for even a second that Dubya would really want Hydrogen replacing Oil as our primary fuel source, being that it is the source of his power (gee that sounds like comic book superpower talk, don't it?) I'm guessing the whole thing is a delaying tactic, so the Big Three in Detroit and other auto manufacturers won't have to live up to the agreement made under Clinton, that being to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emmisions. Bush has never done anything positive for the environment in his entire life, so how can I believe he's starting now for something this potentially progressive and monumental?

Here's the Government's own website for the Hydrogen Map - (

Here's more debate on how to save the Dems. While the outcome was really bad for Dems this past election day, this was quitre frankly the most narrow margined rout in political history;
"A switch of roughly 29,000 votes in Minnesota, 11,500 in Missouri and 9,500 in New Hampshire would have produced a Democratic Senate and gobs of stories about how the White House blew it." - from this Howard Kurtz article

Maybe the Democrats will get some backbone after getting bitchslapped (don't hold your breathe) and they'd might be more successfull next time around, unless the next two years are a phenominal success for the GOP (don't count on it).


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