Sunday, November 03, 2002

Quoted from Chicago Reader October 18th Section Three Spot Check;
I grew up listening to my Dad wonder why so many working class people consistently voted against what he considered their own interest. Now I wonder myself. Why on earth would anyone with an income below six figures , let alone someone with a precariouslivelihood, ever vote Republican? Is the symbolic power of the country hat and the Bible quote really strong enough to override national considerations about antilabor and procorporate policies?

It was in reference to The Waco Brothers, a Chicago based country band. I guess their new album has lots of WPA photos.

Slate had an interesting article on Harvey Pitt and his failures as SEC Chairman.

Salon a couple of days ago put out an article about how the Republican party supposedly has to fear the future and the "emerging Democratic majority". I couldn't help but feel while I was reading it that I was at a Cubs convention, a bunch of fans all saying "wait till next year!" Whether its fact, hope of a self fufilling prophecy, or some sorta marketing push leaing to potential Democratic voters to get on the bandwagon before it's too late and you won't be cool if you wait too long, so it's hard to tell.

Either way I am begining to question what being a Democrat means. I feel like the party has little focus anymore. I've taken up the habit of refering to myself as a Default Democrat, just because I have such great difficulty voting Republican. I'm planning on writing something more extensive in the future on this... Dont hold your breath though, it could be a while.


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