Friday, November 08, 2002

Some new fish names to save the Patagonian Toothfish aka Chilean Sea Bass:

-The Norwegean Gangreen Grouper

-The Finnish Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Flounder

and this from Suzie Felber, sis of Adam Felber (Fanatical Apathy) and professional comedian (in other words she gets paid to do this kinda stuff so you know it's gonna be good)

-Polish Assfish

-Serbian Date Rape Fish

-Chelsea Coffeebarserverexpectsatip fish

-Hitlerfish (as in "I'll have the Hitlerfish prepared with the White Supremacy herb sauce" Suzie?)

and if you really want to scare people off, I find all you need to do is call it:
Gefilte fish

Amen to that!


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