Friday, December 06, 2002

Ya know, you don't post for a couple of days because of vacation time and then you're completely out of rhythm. There is no shortage of news out there, but chances are you've heard most of these stories if you've been paying any attention -

-Bush & GOP Co. can't find money for social programs or extending unemployment...but it can find money for bonuses for his political appointees! For people making $100k+ no less! GetDonkey gave me the idea that coining a new tag for this Congress and GOPers/ Conservatives in general might be needed. You have have "tax and spend" Democrats, what about "taxcut/spend anyway" Republicans? I've been brainstorming but have yet to come up with a good tag line. The most valuable piece of advice my dad ever gave me was "life is all about priorities". All I can say is Dubya your priorities are fucked up.

-Paul O'Neil has resigned. This slate article talks about Sec. of Treasurer O'Neil being the only voice of reason in this administration see quote below;

O'Neill was one of the last dissenting voices for fiscal sanity. In recent days he let slip the heresy that the economy appeared to be recovering and might not need another massive deficit-increasing tax-cut package. The fact that the erratic O'Neill turned out to be the voice of economic reason in this administration is a sign of how dismal economic planning has become.

... and now he's gone. I'm not saying I was a big fan of O'Neil or was really all that familiar with his contribution to our current fiscal policy, but at least he said we should reexamine the current cut taxes- deficit be damned econmic policy of the Bush Administration. Daniel Gross accurately asses-

we've got an Ichabod Crane economic policy—headless, and galloping wildly on a horse named Tax Cut.

There is no way this economy will rebound by 2004 elections, not with unemployement on the rise, not with this headless economic policy team in charge.

-I saw Pat Robertson on ABC's This Week this past Sunday. You can't fathom how idiotic this guy sounds sometimes, even if he is well informed on selective incidents in history that fits his assesment of our political situation. Long story short he reiterated that Islam is a violent religion, but Bush rebuking him is a good strategy because we are trying to hold on to the Arab world in order to accomplish our geopolitical goals. William Saletan's analysis is scathing;

Let's review Robertson's comments. 1) To win the war, Bush needs to avoid saying Islam is rotten. 2) Islam is rotten. 3) I'm Bush's best friend. 4) I'm not against Muslims; I just want them to stop being Muslims. 5) The only people trying to make this a Muslim-Christian thing are those rotten Muslims. 6) I want everyone watching this TV show to know that this issue is no big deal.

-Kissinger to chair the independent 9/11 commision. Some guy that posts on the Fray on Slate does the best job of accurately assessing what you have to fear. However Kissinger is supposed to report his clients in the past couple of years to the commision, and he may not do that, which might prevent him from chairing the commision.

-Bush is pushing for logging on public lands. I don't even know why anybody bats an eye when this shit happens anymore. The administration wouldn't know even partially reasonable environmental legislation if it was hit over the head with it. I have to come back to this one. My biggest aggravation with Dubya is not his environmental policy. I fully expected all of this.

What gets me is the dishonesty of it all. They rape the environment and then Karl Rove and Co do their best to put together some bullshit plan (i.e. - Clear Skies Initiative) to make it seem like Bush cares about the environment. Why don't you come clean? You don't give a fuck about the environment - never have never will. All your EPA appointees are either (a)former lawyers/lobbyists for traditionally environmental damaging segments of industry (oil, paper, coal, etc.) or (b) people who don't even believe there is such a thing as an ecosystem. This is all an attempt to prevent alienating the swing voters - ya know, those people who live in the suburbs that are generally better off financially than the average American, somewhat fiscally conservative but also just socially moderate enough and more educated (than the redneck base that the GOP does so well) and are aware that global warming isn't a Greenpeace conspiracy.

I dare you to come clean. Just say it Dubya! Just say you think all environmental policy is a bunch of treehugging hippy shit! Just say you don't think that Global Warming is an issue! Just say you that you never intended to keep the promise about reduce emmisions and increase fuel eficiency. Just say that you think arsenic in the water is good for you! Just say loosening air pollution regulations is good for our young people's lungs! Just say what all of your moronic puppet master conservative idealouges believe to begin with. Just stop pretending, that's all I ask. Is that too much? a website I came across. Like the name anyway.


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