Thursday, January 30, 2003

Does Vegas give odds on presidential promises?

If there is, let me know cause I'll head straight for Sin City and bet everything I have and the some that Bush's vision of hydrogen future is 100% bullshit. It'll never happen, just like his pre election pledge to lower carbon dioxide emmissions and the subsequent breaking of that promise.

Sometimes I really want to believe this President. I really want to have some faith in him. Then the FDA approved mind altering doctor prescribed drugs wear off and I remember he's not just an horribly unqualified incompetent fool, he's a bullshit artist too. He's made hundreds of promises, and has yet to make good on any of them. Most of all I'm confused by Bush even bothering to give the fuel cell issue an ounce of lip service.

First and foremost it is important to remember that the GOP had a field day back when Al Gore was running for President. Gore mentioned in his book Earth in the Balance, printed in 1992, that we should do away with the Internal Combustion Engine;

The moronic Jim Nicholson, then chairman of the Republican National Committee, used to stand at the fax machine all day, sending out messages that attacked Gore for wanting to do away with the internal "combustible" engine, which were duly repeated by all the right-wing hacks. They used Gore's farsighted ideas against him in places like Michigan and Tennessee, where lots of cars are built.
- taken from this entry on Joe Conason's Journal via Salon

When Gore suggested that we phase out the internal combustion engine conservatives pointed the finger and laughed. Now Bush sticks it in his State of the Union Address and not much of a peep from the idealouges on the right (there are exceptions). Is it because the conservatives pundits of the world;

(a)don't believe Bush either?

(b)are all in on the farce too?

(c)they're okay with it and always have been. They just bashed Gore because of thekneejerk reaction they have to anything of Clinton/Gore (or even Democratic) origin?

(d)they know this is a delaying tactic, so they wont have to pass any meaningful legislation raising fuel efficiency standards?

(e)they have honestly changed their minds now?

Some conservatives have tried to hold up this claim that the President is doing something positive for the environment in an attempt to woo those educated suburban soccer moms. The Wall Street Journal on the other hand has already weighed in, actually criticizing the President on this mention in the Stae of the Union about hydrogen technology and fuel cells.

Again with the free market bullshit. Every time the alternative energy issue comes up the whole right wing goes into automatic pilot and start blathering about FREE MARKETS. Here's an interesting question - When does the Oil industry finally get cut off and forced to start trying to make their profits without Governement handouts?

I might favor FREE MARKETS if they really existed, but they're more of a myth (see post down on Jan 25th). As long as other fuel sources have to compete against the federally subsidized Oil Industry, alternative fuels may never be able to compete. All I ask is for a level playing field, either cut off the oil industry or give alternative fuels at least as much funding as the oil indutry if not more. It's in our national interests, it affects our international policy, it affects our immigration poicy, it affects the environment, our military. Oil manages to alter just about everything in this country, and directs too much of our resources, our time, our efforts, etc.

Unfortunately no one in Washington tells the oil industry to "pick themselves up by their own bootstraps". Instead they hold their hands out and the FREE MARKET Republicans dole out billions of your tax dollars to support corporate welfare. It's even more repulsing considering how much mileage the right wing has gotten out of 9.11 and calling out lefties/liberals/Democrats for immigration policies and not being tough enough for whatever their reasoning is, and yet Bush Co. gets away with stuff like this.

See for yourself on this article VITAL STATISTICS: 15 Largest US Government Subsidies to the Oil Industry

Even the very conservative Cato Institute articles are confusing, just take a look at these older articles; here the lambaste the oil industry for getting corporate handouts -

However, the Bush budget proposal also increases some of the largest corporate welfare programs, such as federal aid to oil companies through the fossil energy research

and then turn around by trying to get you to cry a tear Barbar Walters style by writing this article

In "'Big Oil' at the Public Trough? An Examination of Petroleum Subsidies," Washington, D.C.-based energy economist Ronald J. Sutherland argues that contrary to the claims of oil industry critics, "the evidence indicates that, on balance, the oil industry is not a net beneficiary of government subsidies. The facts point in the opposite direction. The oil industry is more harmed than helped by government intervention in energy markets."

Money from the government makes it more difficult for the Oil companies to do business? Let's all cry a collective tear for Big Oil executives everywhere, shall we?

Here are lots more links I came across while doing research for this post;

Billions Spend in Oil Subsidies
Industry profits receive preferential tax treatment SAN FRANCISCO -- The oil industry is soaking up billions of dollars in tax breaks, government funding, and indirect subsidies that pay for oil related environmental damage

Grrenpeace says this - Subsidies to Oil are Billions of Dollars Per Year
The U.S. government provided net subsidies of between $5.2 and $11.9 billion to the oil sector during 1995, excluding the cost of defending Persian Gulf oil supplies. We estimate defense of oil supplies to be worth an additional $10.5 to $23.3 billion, demonstrating the magnitude of this specific subsidy element. Thus, our estimate for net federal subsidies to oil, including defense, is $15.7 to $35.2 billion for 1995. Because of the sensitivity of our totals to the defense subsidy, we present our results both with and without this item. - Perspectives/Forest_Products/Oil_Subsidies site

An interesting chart explaining the oil industry and subsidies entitled Endgame

An Ethanol site says this (albeit from the summer of 2000, may be outdates info and predictions.

Daily Howler posts about knocking Al Gore and his proposal to phase out the internal combustion engine;
Our current howler (episode I): Building a world-class muffler - Synopsis: Our favorite, Bill Press, sat mutely by while Bob Novak engaged in some car talk. Commentary by Robert Novak, Bill Press - Crossfire, CNN, 5/19/99


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