Thursday, January 02, 2003

Earlier this week I felt that my inner bitter, foulmouthed, sarcastic, angry bile filled political pundit wannabe was losing steam. I was just getting tired of ripping off long, somewhat incoherent rants. It just felt like the only people who were reading them were a few (appreciative) fellow bloggers, and the stragglers that were looking for Saudi porn and somehow wound up here at BMA.

Then I read the latest Kaus files entry on slate (scroll down to "Food Stamps and the English Language"). This is what happens when work is slow around the office - I posted the following in response on the message board on Slate;

You're right Micky! Food stamp recipients have been living off the fat of the land way too long! Here's what we can do -

First we punish those lazy ass non-working food stamp whore parents by cutting off their food stamps, in effect starving their children.

THEN we add millions more cases to our underfunded social welfare departments throughout the country, and they can send overworked/underpaid social workers into their homes, and demand that these same kids be taken away from their parents for child neglect because they're not feeding them!

THEN we send these children into our overburdended and ineffective (not to mention tax payer funded) foster care system. Their cases can then be sent to our courts, clogging up our already overburdened justice system (not to mention costing tax payers even more money)! Absolutely brilliant! That'll really shore up the social fabric of this country and help restore the American family.

Let's just hope that with all the stability and heaping dose of loving care each of these kids will get from the 14 different sets of foster parents they'll have over the course of their lives, that they are suicidal and drug addicts, or at least have them neutured, so we don't have them breeding, forcing us to go thru this process all over again. (That's pretty much what your utterly brilliant, flawless and unquestionably insinuated suggestion is, isn't it?)

God bless you Mickey, you know how to solve everything! We'll save millions of taxpayer dollars by spending billions of taxpayer dollars on all those aforementioned services, Reagan would be so proud were he not senile! Unless you have uh...(whisper) something else in mind, nudge nudge wink wink?

This country wouldn't be the slumming hellhole those dumbass liberals have made it with you in charge! When are you declaring yourself a presidential candidate Mickey?

So much for losing my bile - sorry about the no posts while on vacation.


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