Friday, January 03, 2003

I find it very interesting, although unfortunately not surprising, that Mr. Compassionate Conservative Bush ran on a platform swearing to uphold Roe v. Wade and promising that he would not try to overturn it - presumably despite his personal views against it. I remember that Ashcroft promised before becoming Attorney General that he would uphold the law of the land, including Roe v. Wade. What amazes me is that anyone took either of these men at their word. Bush's claim certainly earned him the votes of many middle to upper class suburban women and probably earned him the election - albeit with help from roadblocks in Florida, the Jews for Buchanan voters, and Nader (well, I won't beat that one to death again).

Since then, the US has removed World Health Organization funding used for family planning for extremely poor women around the world despite Colin Powell's own discovery that none was being used for abortions. At the
recent meeting in Asia for reproductive health and slowing the spread of AIDS, the US held up the entire talks (and almost derailed the whole thing) because they didn't like wording that implied women would use birth control to plan pregnancies. Bush actually said all that these women needed to prevent pregnancy was a thermometer. Apparently, women only need thermometers, not birth control, public health facilities, or condoms. What a relief! That’s going to save us a shitload of money! So basically they've been getting away with pushing their conservative reproductive agenda on poor people all over the world since it would never pass over here. Not anymore, it appears.

The new plan is ending the requirement that insurance companies cover birth control for federal workers, appointments of pro-life people (Ashcroft, Tommy Thompson, Priscilla Owens, etc.), and a constant attempt to call
fetuses people. There is more but I assume this is all common knowledge at this point. (There have been several good articles in Salon, if you're interested.)

All I can say is: What the fuck? How do they think they can get away with this? The only consolation that I have is that they might as well kiss the white suburban woman voter goodbye in the next election. Are the betting that they can change their tune once again before the election and hope for the ever-shorter American memory?

I propose that all unwanted babies be given to pro-lifers who then pay all the medical costs of the women who gave birth to them because they weren't able to get abortions or, if conservatives get their way, even contraception. They should also go ahead and pay for her loss of income associated with the birth. So the impression isn't given that women should be barefoot and pregnant all the time (surely even conservatives aren't going back to that), there will have to be a taxpayer funded program that allows women to take the necessary leave and still advance on track in their jobs after going back to giving birth 10 or more times in their lives. They will need raises and taxpayer funded nannies to help them pay for and care for all these new babies. Since I'm sure this will not help medical costs go down, there will have to be subsidation for medical insurance for women since I'm sure giving birth isn't cheap and more hospital beds and health care workers will be needed.

Perhaps the conservatives are on to something after all, how else will we combat this horrible problem of global depopulation? And don't we still have the national forest system still available to sprawl into?

Thanks, Palmer Haas, for inviting me to blog. After all, there aren’t nearly enough pissed off liberals ranting up a storm on the airwaves. They still have Rush Limbaugh and Faux News, after all.


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