Thursday, January 23, 2003

I'm working on an entry that is going to be very long, but it's not ready for posting, so you're gonna have to wait. Meanwhile look at the stuff I've been reading;

GetDonkey's news blotter on Right Wing Weenies and Bush, advocating Abstinence as the only birth control. God help us all.

Sand in the Gears blog entry on abortion and the subsequent commentary. It's gotten ugly, and I've been wanting to write something but it almost feels too old now that the 30th anniversary has come and gone. Thank you Public Citizen for your commentary - might I recommend you get an email address for your PC psuedonym...

Two really interesting editorials in Time magazine, one by the musician Brian Eno and the other by the editor for the conservative periodical The Weekly Standard Chris Caldwell. Both have a lot of merit, although being the liberal that I am I would tend to agree with much more of what Eno is saying, as opposed to Caldwells. But both have merit and both deserve to be read.

PS (for Public Citizen or really anyone else out there who's really that curious) - if you want to see what I'm writing, I'm using the Link Farm, my other blog for mainly news stories as sort of a sketch pad for the next major entry on BMA. It's not much yet, and it's gonna get a lot longer, but it might make for some interesting reading.


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