Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Rich of Suburban Limbo is finally posting again!

Okay, you have embarrassed me enough to start blogging again. I even gave the damn thing a facelift last night. Spread the word, the Limbo of Love is on the air again. - Rich

Woo hoo... all that guilt my Grandmother laid out on me has taught me something - how to lay it out on others. He's got a funny ass post about MCDONNELL DOUGLAS's New WARRANTY CARD. Warning - you will laugh so don't drink milk while reading this one

Also a great entry by Sam Coppersmith(as always) - this one is about a provision in the Bush administration's economic stimulus plan that will subsidize SUV purchases for business, but not hybrid or alternative/flexible fuel vehicles. And those darn lib'ruls keep sayin that the President doesn't care about the environment... I can't imagine why? Not to mention that he's 'workin hhhoard fightin terrorism' - he hasn't had a vacation in what, three weeks now? And doing all this will help all those good nations 'that share our values' (they like money, they have oil) like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and all those other countries that stand with us against terrorism. God bless you Mr. President!


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